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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[Food Review] Charcoal Thai

i am a big fan of Thai food as they are mostly bursting with rich flavours. 

Mookata, The Thai-style dish - a dome-shaped grill with a soup trough that is placed over charcoal embers - is fast gaining popularity in the hotpot scene, sometimes we also call it 'Thai Hot pot'.

Now, there is a newly established Mookata restaurant in Kovan, great news for people living around that neighbourhood.

The place is spacious and nicely furnished with huge yellow lightings and air filters which doesn't make it smokey at all. Most importantly, it was very clean.

Thai iced tea- the perfect complement to a hot day!

The above is our BBQ and steamboat set that comes with a generous serving of marinated pork and chicken slices, fresh sotong, prawns, sausages, crab meat and a basket of veggies.

Usually most mookata restaurants i visited only offer one type of soup base for their hot pot but Charcoal Thai offers 2 kinds of soup base, the vegetable soup and tomyum soup. We were recommended the tomyum soup and it was really good, not too spicy and i guess thats what makes it more suitable as a soup base, i cannot stop taking sips of the soup.

The pork lard provided in the set are not meant to be eaten, they are meant to be put around the 'dome' so as to provide oil and moisture for the food to be BBQ-ed.

Traditional Thai Papaya Salad also known as Som Tum in Thai. Something i would always order whenever i visit Thailand. 

One of Charcoal Thai's specialty and something not to be missed. Special Thai Prawn Cake served with tasty Thai sweet sauce. The batter and prawns were so crunchy and generously filled. I would definitely order this again when i visit this place.

Tom yum fried rice. The taste structure is similar to Thai Tom Yum soup: spicy, savory, rich, and a little tartness from the squirts of lime juice. 

Fresh Kang Kong stir fried to an aromatic bliss with fiery sambal! I can hardly go through any meals without veggies and this crunchy dish is packed with flavours!

The sweetest way to end the meal: Mango Sticky Rice. Charcoal Thai's rendition of this dish is great, The rice is really sticky and moist. Coconut milk was good and mangoes were sweet.

Restaurant: Charcoal Thai
Address: 7 Simon Road Singapore 545894
Tel: 6288 6260
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun : 11am to 11pm (Daily)


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