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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[Food Review] Catch 'n Bite

Years ago when i was in Los Angeles, i remembered having one of the freshest and unforgettable fish and chips from a takeaway kiosk along the beach. Have been yearning for fresh fish and chips like that in Singapore but none of those i tried could match up to that standard.

Recently, i was invited by Catch 'n Bite to a food tasting session and I was truly elated as i finally found seafood which was similar and of comparable standards to the ones i had in LA so many years ago! And very affordable too.

Catch 'n Bite is a kiosk located in Westgate, Jurong. It is opened by the same folks running "SureCatch World", a fishing company in Singapore and that explains why their seafood is so fresh and their seafood are all made from real lobsters, crabs, prawns, fish and calamari, everything is non processed and REAL.

Muslims can also enjoy fresh seafood here as they are Halal Certified.

Seafood Tapas available at $1.90 each. Lots of variety to choose from like the Mango Chutnet Shrimp, Egg with ebiko (my personal favourite), salmon specially imported from Norway.

Clam soup at $4.90.
This bowl of warm clam soup is made from real lobster broth and generously served with lots of clams and veggies inside. Flavourful and comforting.

Ultimate Crab Sandwich at $7.90.
Luxurious crab meat served with fresh vegetables on a toasted ciabatta bun. Crab meat was generously served with a tinge of sweetness.

Softshell Crab Bento Set at $8.90
Softshell crab was crispy outside and juicy inside, batter is fragrant.

Crispy Fish at $3.90 with home made special sauce.
Fish bites seasoned with Creole spices. This was my absolute favourite! Very impressed with how fresh the fish was. Dip with their special sauce to enhance the taste.

View their full menu here:

Visit Catch 'n Bite for fuss free, fresh and affordable seafood!

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

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