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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[Food Review] Sopra Cucina and Bar

Sopra Cucina and Bar is not the typical Italian restaurants commonly found in Singapore. Italy has 20 regions and each region serves different cuisines, most Italian restaurants in Singapore serve food from Tuscany or Siclily but at Sopra we can find cuisine from the lesser known town of Sardinia, a Mediterranean island just off the west coast of Italy. Sardinian cuisine is richly influenced by many cultures such as the Arabs, Spaniards, Romans and Phoenicians. 

Sopra is the first restaurant in Singapore serving Sardinian cuisine.

Located conveniently in the heart of town, Sopra is accessible through the Pan Pacific Orchard and near Orchard Towers. The exterior is seductively illuminated with old school Hollywood lights and interior decor an ode to the glamourous days of post-war Italy.

This place is so spacious that it has a large alfresco dining area too.

We were awed and simply loved the incredibly charming decor of the interior. Lined with intricately hand painted floor tiles and filled with vintage Italian antiques, furniture and fixtures all air flown from Italy, I felt that I really stepped into a small Italian town.

A private dining area which looks so much like someone's house, complete with wooden flooring. This would be such a perfect spot for a birthday celebration or an intimate farewell dinner.

The menu features dishes unique to the idyllic island which I had the privilege to try this time! Ranging from a wide selection of anti-pasti, hearty classic Italian fare and a wide range of pizzas which come in 3 sizes.

What we liked best were the Bruschetta Verace, seared tuna and Tiramisu.

Bruschetta Verace, thin crust topped with fresh mozzarella, anchovies, basil and tomato. Anchovies were bursting with rich flavours and tasted incredible when combined with fresh mozzarella.

Seared Tuna with figs and fennel. We highly recommend this if you are a fan of fish and seafood.

Sopra's Duck Risotto is also worth a try, duck is slow cooked for more than 24 hours and this makes it a very rich and luxurious dish. Tiramisu was also one of the better ones we had elsewhere.

Sopra also offers an extensive wine list, the comprehensive selection covers both Old and New World wines and boasts exclusive bottles from small Italian winemakers.

The ambience here is spot on and we loved the elegant feel of the place, most importantly, food is fresh and we will definitely be back for more, stay tuned for more food and wine reviews on Sopra!!!

Sopra Cucina & Bar
Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, #01-02
10 Claymore Road, Singapore 229540
Tel: +65 6737 3253 | Website
Operating hours:
Closed Sundays
Mon to Wed: 11.30 AM to 12.00 AM (last order 11.00 PM)
Thu to Sat: 11.30 AM to 2.00 AM (last order 11.00 PM for restaurant kitchen, 1.00 AM for pizzas and bar snacks)

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