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Monday, February 16, 2015

[Food Review] Fart Tartz Cafe

Fart Tartz Cafe has a very cute and unforgettable name, in Cantonese, it actually means 'Prosperity'. Located at the Singapore expo, Fart Tartz is a little concept cafe (not enclosed) whimsically decorated with mini flower pots and grass patches to create a laid back, cozy ambience.

This is a cafe specializing in no bake tarts and cakes served in jars. Even their savouries such as salads and pastas are bottled rather than plated! It sure makes for great photos on Instagram.

Looking at the flowers alone already made me very happy to be sitting there having a meal. The bright lights shining through from the windows makes this place very vibrant too.

 Minty Fruity ($4.80) Fruits infused H20. Healthy drink and nice presentation! The fruits gave a subtle flavour to the water and it's a healthy way to get H20 into your system if you're not someone who always drinks water like me.

Fusion Greens 
 Cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, sunflower seeds, mixture of imported greens such as rockets, spinach.
Sauce - Fusion of Wasabi & Yuzu Sauce. I like the idea and ease of having salad in a large jar where I can just pour in the sauce, close the lid tight and SHAKE VIGOROUSLY to get everything well mixed! Love how refreshing the sauce was and how crunchy and fresh the veggies were :)

Grilled Hot Wings ($8.50) Six pieces of yummy-licious mid joints grilled to perfection, tender and juicy with well balanced flavours.

Our drinks and starters!

Pepper Chix Linguine ($10.90) Linguine pasta, sauteed chicken cubes,fresh garlic, bell peppers, onions, black pepper & authentic spicy black pepper sauce. Chicken was very tasty with the strong flavours from the black pepper. Great for people who don't like cream based or tomato based pasta. 

Chilled Prawn Angel Hair ($11.90) This is another innovative creation by the lovely owner of this cafe. Pasta is meant to be eaten chilled and seafood (prawns and scallop) are really fresh and succulent. Those who like cold noodles would probably love this :)

 Fusion Olio ($11.90) Penne pasta, sauteed mushrooms; Swiss white, Cremini, Shiitake, Shimeji & Buna Shimeji, fresh garlic, crushed red peper & herbs topped with crispy oriental chicken crumbles. I love how simple and not too overwhelming the pasta tasted. I am a HUGE fan of aglio olio by the way and this was really a nice twist to the traditional ones served at other places. the addition of the crispy chicken crumbles added extra sweetness and oomph to this dish.

Pasta galore!

Bulbous Oriental Spaghetti ($12.90) Thin spaghetti, tossed with our in-house olive oil alliaceous mixed, smoked duck, crunchy fish roe, parsley & sea salt garlic powder. This was my absolute FAVOURITE among all the pastas! It was immensely tasty and addictive that I finished almost everything. The crunchy fish roe playfully bursts in my mouth upon every bite and this is one of the latest items to their menu.

Fart Tartz highlight is their non-bake pastries and this include the above 'dirt cake' or mud tart.  Served in a palm-sized flower pot, the dessert usually consists of cream cheese,  topped with "dirt" made of crushed Oreo cookies. Sprigs of artificial flowers adorn the cake. The cafe offers 10 flavours of mud tarts, with ingredients such as Snickers chocolate bar and Nutella.

Who can resist this display of all the goodies calling out to you? Non-bake tarts served in lovely, adorable little jars! I'm actually not a big fan of sweet stuff but these were not overly sweet and I actuallly liked them!

Thank you Fart Tartz for the awesome spread. We were definitely not disappointed and the owner has such a natural flair for culinary that you will be guaranteed a gastronomic adventure here :)

P.S Don't forget to snap pics!

Address :

  • 1 Expo Drive, #02-04
  • Singapore 486150

Opening Hours :
Monday - Thursday : 9:00 am - 6:00pm
Friday - Sunday : 9:00 am - 8:00 pm



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