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Monday, February 16, 2015

[Food Review] 5 The Moments Ice-Cream Cafe

5 The Moments is a combination of photo studio and a Cafe that speciliases in travel shoots for couples that want to commemorate their special occasion through capturing images in the famous romantic locations all around the world. The cafe serves uniquely flavoured ice creams and specialty coffee to make you feel refresh while enjoying your stay.

Located along Tanjong Pagar Road, do keep a look out for the vibrant turquoise and white accents when looking for this cafe.

 The bricks, raw settings and the plush chairs in front reminds me of a quaint little cafe along the streets of Europe.

The place is also filled with lots of vintage items which brings back a blast from the past!

 Romantic wedding pictures with European landscapes fill up the walls and kept me occupied and I deeply feel the passion and talent the owner has for photography :)

Warm Earl Grey Lavender tea with old school candied biscuits arrived at our table!

Hazelnut ice-cream was served on top of a thick slice of french toast drizzled in maple syrup! Toast was soft and the ice-cream was so smooth, creamy and milky, just like those of gelato! Their ice-creams are handmade with love and ingredients air-flown all the way from Italy.

Pistachio ice-cream served on waffles! Waffle was fluffy, soft on the inside and crispy outside. This flavour of ice-cream is pretty unique as I seldom see it elsewhere, it has a strong nutty flavour which wasn't too overwhelmingly sweet.

Organic, healthy beverages are also available for sale.

Be sure to hop by for a visit if you're around the corner :)

5 The Moments73 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088494
Tel: +65 6222 5336 / +65 9170 0069
Opening Hours
Monday 1700 to 2300; Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday 1200 to 2300; Friday – Saturday 1200 to 0100


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