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Sunday, February 08, 2015

[Food Review] CNY Prosperity Peking Duck 4 pax menu at Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant!

To welcome the year of the goat, Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant has specially prepared a Prosperity Peking Duck Menu for 4 pax consisting of a tantalizing 8 courses guaranteed to entice the tastebuds of you and your family members :) Price is reasonable at $168++

This restaurant in Parco Bugis Junction mall is a franchise of Shanghai’s most famous xiao long bao restaurant.

1) Prosperity Salmon Fish Yu Sheng 三文鱼鱼生撈起Yú shēng (鱼生) is served as an appetizer to bring good luck for the new year and is usually eaten on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year. These days, we have Yu Sheng any time near and during CNY. Ingredients of Yú shēng include: thinly sliced fresh raw salmon, shredded white radish, shredded carrots, red pepper (capsicum), ginger, lime tree leaves, Chinese parsley, ground peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, Chinese shrimp crackers and five-spices powder. The dressing is made primarily from plum sauce.

2) Peking Duck Skin wrapped in Egg Crepe 北京片皮鸭. Gracefully assembled and served with much ado by having this dish is truly an ennobled experience. Dip it in the sweet sauce that comes with it.

3) Nanxiang Dumpling Chicken Sharkfins' Soup 馄饨鸡炖翅汤 . I totally enjoyed this. Soup was made of superior chicken broth, light yet flavourful with generous chunks of sharksfin which added texture to the entire dish. 

4) Sauteed Mushrooms with Broccoli 冬菇扒西兰花. Fresh sea cucumber and conpoys were also served together with this dish.

5) Baby Lobster with Minced Garlic Fresh lobsters cooked to perfection, succulent and tasty, garnished with lots of coriander and onions.

6) Prosperity Golden Fried Rice 遍地黄金炒饭. This is also one of their signature dishes in the restaurant. I loved how sweet this tasted due to the pork flosses that topped it.

7) Sauteed Duck Leg Meat in BBQ Sauce. This was my favourite among all the dishes. I actually brought more friends to this place a week after trying out their CNY menu and all of them agreed that this dish is very tasty and very well executed. The BBQ sauce simply compliments the duck meat extremely well.

8) Double Boiled White Fungus 太后甜品. Supposedly good for ladies as it aids in better complexion.

Conveniently located at Bugis Junction, it is a great venue for gathering with friends and colleagues during the CNY festive period. For reservation, please call 68357577.

Also, I would very much like to recommend their XL Xiao Long Bao aka Soup Dumplings which is not part of the CNY menu. I was actually already very full from all the food but I can't help but to order this as I am really fascinated by it. Just look at how gigantic it is!!!

Nanxiang is the one and only restaurant in Singapore serving this giant sized soup dumplings which you get to slurp in a straw. Be careful as the soup within may still be very hot. Recently, improvisations has been made to the soup and it is now much tastier than before!!! It is definitely a MUST TRY and I have personally witnessed hordes of people queueing up for this at Nanxiang in Shanghai.

A meal is always better with warm, hospitable and happy people.
Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

#02-53 Parco Bugis Junction.
Tel: 6835 7577

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