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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

[Hotel Review] Mini Hotel Causeway Bay Hong Kong November 2014

In this post, I will be covering a review for Mini Hotel at Causeway Bay. Review for Mini Hotel, Central can also be found here:
 They will be opening another branch next year!

We were honored to be able to stay a few nights at Mini Hotel, a chic, contemporary, modern, boutique style hotel in Hong Kong which is suitable for budget travelers. Nowadays, with so many budget airlines offering cheap air tickets to many Asian countries, it's perfect when you can also find a budget hotel to match up with the cheap air tickets. Mini Hotel is one of the rare and cheapest boutique hotels you can now find in Hong Kong, it costs approximately SGD$150 per night only.

However, despite of it's reasonable prices, Mini Hotel offers a well equipped, comfortable, cozy stay in a stylish and trendy setting and they are located in prime districts in Hong Kong.

Mini Hotel, Causeway Bay is relatively close to key locations such as the Lee Garden (1 min. walk), Hysan Place where the biggest Apple store is located (3 min. walk), and both Time Square and Sogo Department Store is just 4 min. away from the hotel. PRIME LOCATION CHECK!

We were pleasantly awed by the layout upon reaching the hotel's lobby. Spacious and tastefully decorated with many many paintings, plush arm chairs in many designs and eclectic furnitures and fittings, the whole setting truly exudes a certain kind of industrial charm which left us impressed and yearning to unfold more surprises this Mini little Hotel would offer us. This area is definitely a perfect area to chill out.

Checking in was a breeze and completed in less than 10 minutes. Staff were very efficient, friendly and eager to serve with a good command of English.

Received the key card to the room with the WIFI password and check out time written on it.

The very first peak into our room. This room we stayed in was the Smart Queen Room. Mini as the name of the hotel implies but adequate for 2 people.

Theme of room was white which gave the whole room a very pure and clean feel. Queen bed was adorned with pure white sheets with fluffy pillows.

Sink and washing area is found outside the bathroom.

Bathroom is divided into two sections and by a sliding frosted glass. Spotlessly clean. Clean towels and working water heater available.

 Shampoo and conditioner were provided. Shower gel was also provided in the bathroom.

 A kettle and cups were neatly placed together with the TV remote control on a side metal rack.

 Hair dryer found at the bottom of the sink, very important for me!

Tooth brush, toothpaste, shower caps and more glasses were available too.

4 bottles of mineral water, coffee and tea satchets and a lovely packet of cookies were complimentary. And a card too!

Personalized card with personal note written within, very warm and hospitable service, we felt very welcomed :)

A rack to hang clothes.

The next morning, I was honored to be given a guided tour around the hotel and view some of the other rooms available here.

Below pictures are taken in the Mini Double Room.

Room can fit 2 people and is slightly smaller than the Smart Queen Room.

 Comes with a cute little outdoor patio in the room!

The patio has a wooden chair and a table.

Bathroom area just at the entrance.

Another view of the room taken from the patio at the other end of the room.

The room below is the Classic Twin Room.
This room is perfect for friends and family members coming in pairs as each indivual will enjoy their own personal space with a divider in between the beds.

You really can’t get this price in Hong Kong anymore these days with a central location, hip ambiance and well-thought off rooms so I recommend booking as early as you can to avoid disappointment on your next trip to Hong Kong! It’s especially ideal for solo travelers and couples, although they have larger rooms if you come in a family.

Address: 8 Sun Wui Road, Causway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone Number: (852) 3979 1199
Reservations: (852) 3979 1111


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Lucille Foster said...

It doesn’t look like a budget hotel at all! The lobby is so retro, and although the rooms seems quite small, its simplicity gives a great aesthetic pleasure. Thanks for this nice review!

Lucille Foster


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