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Friday, December 05, 2014

[Food Review] Hansik Korean Family Restaurant

Hansik Korean Restaurant is a restaurant run by a family of Koreans serving home cooked Korean dishes and grilled BBQ meat which are not only pleasing to the palates but also nutritious! When i visited last month, they are still serving ala carte items off their menu but recently, they have changed their menu and introduced unlimited all-you-can-eat buffet.

And the good news is that the cost of the buffet is extremely pocket friendly!!! It's very much worth it to dine here because the quality of food you get is good which is very important to many of us including myself. I am not really a buffet person because I believe in quality rather than quantity. However, when i learnt that Hansik is now serving unlimited buffet, I am delighted!!! Imagine having your favourite Korean dishes over and over again without getting sick of it :)

LUNCH SALAD BAR at only $12++!!!
This includes a variety of authentic Korean dishes like seafood pancake, glass noodles, garden salad, Kimchi stew, seafood soup, potato salad, bean sprouts, Jja Jang Myeon, seasonal fruits, drinks etc.
(It's so cheap! Where to find this kind of deal in Singapore nowadays?! Maybe can find... but nice or not first?)

and next is an even better deal.. top up a few more dollars and you get...
LUNCH (11.30am-3pm) BBQ Buffet at $16++!!
where you get an unlimited variety of meat and sides! Meat includes beef bulgogi, beef short plate, LA galbi, pork belly, pork bulgogi, pork rib, pork collar, chicken bulgogi, spocy chicken bulgogi, bbq prawns, bbq squid, kimchi stew, pancake, jja jang myeon.
(What a steal!!This is definitely super value for money!)

DINNER (5PM-10PM) BBQ Buffet at $22++!!!
If you are not able to catch the cheap deal during lunch, their dinner bbq buffet is also very reasonably priced. I should say way under priced for such quality that you will be getting.

When we first stepped in, we were awed by the spaciousness of this place. Divided into neat cubicles that can sit about 4 people, this place provides adequate privacy for diners to enjoy an intimate meal with family and friends.

Traditional Korean side dishes filled our table almost immediately. I really liked their Kimchi which is not too sourish for my liking.

Along came the lettuce, condiments and drinks. The side dishes are refillable and the staff will generously and happily refill them for you upon request, very impressive service here I must say.

We started by grilling the veggies first as they usually take the longest to cook. Grilled some kimchi too as I personally feel they are crunchier and more flavourful when grilled.

On a side note, we are always impressed by the advanced technology of the Korean Smokeless BBQ non-stick grill pan. Smokeless BBQ already sounds very attractive, it doesn't stink your clothes and the air doesn't get congested. Next, cooking on the non-stick pan is a breeze, so easy to clean too.

And the ever ready staff will be cooking the food for you and serving them on your plates! That's another good thing about dining in Korean restaurants!

We had the Prime Ribeye. Beautifully marbled and very well marinated. 

Each bite was tender and juicy and goes perfectly well with onions, garlic, Korean bean paste, some chilli all wrapped up in a crunchy piece of lettuce.

Another recommended meat item would be the Spicy Pork Belly. Well marinated and tastes flavourful with a spicy kick. It is of good thickness and cooks well with some juicy fats!

And the star of the night was Kimchi Pancake!!! Hansik serves one of the BEST Korean pancakes I could ever find in Singapore! The sauce that comes with it brings it up to another level. Crispy and tasty, this was very memorable to me. YOU MUST TRY THIS :)

Because the serving was rather huge for 2 people (including all the BBQ items), the pancakes were actually too much for us to finish but because it's soooo delicious, I heated up the remaining on the grill pan and completely devoured them leaving nothing on the plate :)

Another favourite Korean dish which I must order whenever I visit Korean restaurants is the steamed custard egg. This came piping hot and seasoned with a good flavourful stock.

Hansik Korean Restaurant (2 branches)
02-00, Heartland Mall (Kovan MRT Station)

205 Hougang Street 21

Operating Hours:

Mon – Fri: 11am – 3pm / 5pm – 10pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 11am – 3.30pm / 5pm – 10pm


Jade Graham said...

This is very juicy and tender! I eat two plates of wagyu beef Best Food Truck In LA

Anonymous said...

I can't deny that the food is delicious.we will go once or twice a month.I just went for dinner with my son last night at the one in heartlandmall. When we asked for an extra serving of their side dishes (mushroom) for de 3rd time, the lady boss told us that we have eaten more than enough and she only prepared enough for the day. If she had told me in a more courteous manner I will not be angry. I we are willing to pay for good food and good service but the lady boss's words spoilt my mood.

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