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Monday, December 01, 2014

[Recipe] Salted Egg Pasta

I tried something new today, got the inspiration while scrolling thru Instagram last night. The instructions were not very specific so I tweaked a little bit and added some of my own ingredients.

Basically, salted eggs themselves are already very intense in flavour so not much seasonings will be needed here.



Pasta of your choice (I used Linguine as I had some left over)
3 salted duck eggs
1 cup cream (I used cooking cream) or milk
Bacon (you can use any other kind of meat or seafood of your choice)
Cherry tomatoes (halved) 
3 cloves garlic
Some chili padis (depending on how spicy you want this, may be omitted)
Some butter
Sugar to taste
Curry leaves


1, Boil pasta till al dente, place aside

2. Cut bacon into bits and fry till brown with butter, place aside.

3. Boil salted eggs, after which, mash them up with cream or milk

4. Fry garlic and curry leaves till fragrant

5. Add cherry tomatoes.

6. Add mashed salted eggs cream mixture

7. Add chili padi and sugar till your desired taste

8. Toss in pasta and mix evenly.

(Sorry, this picture damn ugly! Lol)

9. Bring pasta to plate and scatter the fried bacon bits on top.

10. Serve :)

There you go, let me know what you think :)

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