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Thursday, December 11, 2014

HONG KONG November 2014- Finding an accommodation via TRAVELMOB!

As some of us may know, ever since the opening of HK's Disneyland years back, the prices of hotels have increased progressively in HK.

For small and budget hotels, the average price is currently about $100 per night and that is getting a very very tiny room with just a bed and minimal walking space. You can probably just fit one luggage and squeeze your way around the room.

Hence, during my trip last month to HK, I visited TRAVELMOB and managed to find myself a nice room to stay for 4 nights during my HK trip.

The difference between TRAVELMOB and other hotel websites is that TRAVELMOB is a world leader in vacation rentals with over 1 million listings. They offer a large selection of properties for any travel occasions and any budgets.  And that is, you won't find hotel rooms here, instead, you will find rooms, apartments, houses, villas etc for your holiday vacations! The good thing is that some of these properties are even cheaper than hotels and it's easier to find something that suit your needs because they have so many properties in almost every location!

And so... after a while of searching on TRAVELMOB's very user friendly website, I managed to short list some of the accommodations I wanted to stay at. I wanted to stay at somewhere centralized, near the subway station, near all the food and clubbing areas so it would be easier for me to go back after clubbing.

I finally found this very lovely apartment at the heart of LAN KWAI FUNG area! This is absolutely the perfect place for me to stay, there is no other places better than this. It's just one street away from all the hustle and bustle and after drinking and clubbing at night, we can just simply walk back and reach home in 5 minutes! How cool is that? No need to queue for cab and waste time travelling back anymore. When you are in a foreign country, it may be quite dangerous for girls to take taxi in the middle of the night.

 The apartment was spacious enough for 2 of us, it had a queen sized bed and a couch at the living area.

Another plus point is that this apartment is also very near Central MTR subway station, it's about 7 minutes walk away and along the way, you will pass by lots of famous eateries.

 LCD TV and a small kitchenette by the side which is convenient if you want to whip up a quick meal.

 There was more than enough space for us to put our luggages. Even after placing our luggages there, we had ample space to walk up and down the apartment.

 A study area with a desk and chair is available at the side of the room.

 Bathroom was clean and heater was working well. Soap and shampoo, clean towels and hairdryer was also provided.

 View of the apartment from the other end.

Kitchenette has mini fridge, washing sink, detergent, towels, kettle, utensils and an induction cooker! (Can you even find these in most hotels at the comfort of your own room?)

There is also a rooftop located at the top of the building, there are chairs and tables up there where you can chill out and relax over some drinks.

This apartment costs about SGD$130 per night after taxes and cleaning fees. I think it's cheap compared to hotels. For a hotel room smaller than this, I may need to pay the same price or even more and they may not even have amenities that some of these apartment provide.

THE WHOLE PROCEDURE went like this:

1) Log on to TRAVELMOB and key in the place and date you wish to travel. You can find according to location and budget. If you have any enquiries before booking, you can always drop a message to the host first and wait for their reply.

2) After booking (full payment including taxes will be shown and you can pay via credit card or paypal), the host of the accommodation will contact you via TRAVELMOB and from there, you can ask for his direct contact and additional questions. For me, I will ensure I have their mobile number so that I can contact them directly when I arrive and also some directions on how to get to the accommodation.

3) Before arriving, I contacted my lovely host and he met me just outside the apartment to pass me the keys. He showed us around the apartment and even compiled notes in a file with lots of useful information like the wifi password, where to eat and where to sightsee etc. Very meticulous and efficient host.

4) Checking out was a breeze. We just had to pack up at the check out time, leave the keys in the room and lock the door behind us.

 Reached Lan Kwai Fung in less than 5 minutes!!!

 View from right outside the apartment, a nice church and taxis whizzing past the steep road.

Thank you TRAVELMOB for this wonderful arrangement, seriously, staying here was really the BEST PART of my trip :)

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