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Monday, May 07, 2007


DAY 4 (Kyoto. Osaka~ 4th April 07)

Sorry for the late updates on my Japan trip!

grrr.. i updated just now and the whole chunk of post disappeared at the click of a button, now i have to do it from scratch!!!

oh well, but still, here they are!!

Eating at a 'stand up noodle bar' at Teramachi Street, Kyoto.
These tiny noodle bars are scattered all over Japan, it's catered for busy people who'll come for a quick bowl of noodles and leave immediately after happily slurping the noodles down loudly.

Teramachi Street is a shopping street selling trendy and reasonably priced apparels and accessories!
We happened to stumble upon this amazing shopping street while looking for Nishiki Market.

A last look at Waraku An Guesthouse. (our little chill out balcony)
We're absolutely in love with this place.
You get to experience traditional Japan without even stepping out!

Our room when all the futons are kept.

The place where we brush our teeth every morning and night.

The wooden walkway where the bathrooms are found.

The front desk.

The dining area.
Opposite this area is where our room is, see the familiar balcony??

The walkway to the entrance of the guesthouse.

What wonderful memories we created in this cozy place.
We'll definitely come back and stay here on our next visit to Kyoto.
Kyoto is such a charming place!

In the train heading to Osaka.
From Kyoto, the journey to Osaka takes around 40 minutes by train.

We checked in at Hotel Raizan.
The rooms are really clean and bigger than i expected!
It's just nice for 2 person with enough space for out luggages and enough walking space for me.

This hotel is just 15 mins by train from the major shopping and eating areas.
Nearby, there are plenty of small eateries and a 100yen shop and many convenience stores.
Security isn't that great here though, at night, sirens of ambulances are often heard and many homeless people and drunkards can be seen lingering around the area.

We have to queue for the bathroom every morning, but if you don't mind, they have a public bath opened at certain times of the day for all.

The toilet slippers are simply kawaii!!

A street vendor selling one of the most delicious pig liver that i've ever ate!

Boarding point for women only.
This means that this cabin of this train is only for ladies.
I guess the purpose of this is more security and protection for ladies.

and true enough, there were no men in this cabin.
although we did spot 1 or 2 of them amongst the ladies :P

Dotombori Street (alight at Namba station and walk here)
This is Osaka's famous food street.

Yummy food like Japanese pizza, takopachi, yummy ramen (and i really mean very yummy), sushi etc can all be found here.

See that blowfish figurine?
This is a restaurant that serves blowfish as their specialty.
Blowfish or Fu Gu as the Japanese call it, is a poisonous seafood and the chef needs to have a licence in order to serve it to consumers.

Street performers in the middle of Dotombori.
My friend says the man in blue is acting as Doraemon.
What about the person in yellow?

Queueing up for our dinner, the queue was really long.

i distinctly remembered someone mentioned that this restaurant with a golden dragon on its roof serves good ramen, hence we decided to queue even when there's so many people.

It's well worth the wait!! ***Droolz~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***
This ramen is undeniably the BEST RAMEN i've ever ate in my entire life!!!
Soup is tasty and very rich in flavour, noodles are bouncy and fresh.
Char siew slices are so good, oh my, i'm craving for this now.
It's definitely a MUST TRY in Japan!!

Restaurant serves free iced water as well as kimchi.

Still at Dotombori.
On the right, where the cartoon face of a plump man is, that's Ebisu Sammy Plaza, it's a food museum where all the famous food in Japan are gathered.

We are very near Shinsaibasi Shopping Street, Osaka's most famous shopping street.

Shinsaibashi is just behind me, can you see the small words?

Having a hot bowl of oden to keep our stomachs warm from this very cold night.

Next update will be on Universal Studios!
Stay tuned :)

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