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Thursday, May 17, 2007


5th April 07 ~Osaka!

Here are the pictures as promised!

On our way to Universal Studios, we're now at Dobutsuenmae Station, this is where our guest house in Osaka is located and it's also near the zoo!

Check out the roller coaster behind us.

The CAPSULE Station at Universal Walk.
We bought lots of interesting toys which are all bottled up in capsules, they all cost 100 yen each only!

The following pictures were all taken at Universal Walk, on our way to Universal Studios.

I want ice cream!

Giant Takopachi!
If only it's real.

Hard Rock.

The entrance of Universal Studios.

I've alwayz adored Snoopy.

Our tickets.

We're finally in Universal Studios!

Pink Panther's performing on the streets.

Queueing up for our ride.
The queues were horrendous.
Each ride's waiting time was approximately an hour!!!

Jurassic Park is a thrill ride and be prepared to get all wet especially if you're on the front row.
Silly us sat in the front row and the upper half of our bodies were thoroughly soaked!!

Queueing up for Jurassic Park which was 90 mins long that time!
We had our lunch which was this giant and very yummy drumstick while queueing!

We had to wear ponchos but still, we got wet!


Jaws is another adventure ride.
This isn't scary at all, it's great for the young and the old!
I remembered we all caught a very fast glimpse of a rainbow here :)

Gone mad from queueing.

This roller coaster ride is called HOLLYWOOD'S DREAMS.
It looks slow but don't let what you see deceive you.
It's tremendously FAST when you're on it and you hardly have time to catch your breath!!
You can choose a soundtrack to listen to when you're up there too, i chose a J-pop tune called Dreams Come True.

Land of Oz.

This is Spiderman's Office!

We had to wear 4D plastic glasses for this ride.
And this ride is one of the best in Universal Studios!
It's the Spiderman Adventure Ride.

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