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Thursday, April 24, 2014

[REVIEW] The Skin Concept- Intense wrinkle care snail cream

Recently I was given a bottle of this amazing wrinkle cream to try out.

Have been using it for about one week and I am very impressed with the results. My skin is so soft to the touch, even my boyfriend says 'wow'. I use this nightly as a moisturizer and its becoming a staple for me. Lately, i don't even apply loose powder or foundation when i'm out.

Hence, it is a MUST to recommend this product to all my readers.

It absorbs readily into the skin leaving it soft and supple without any grease or stickiness and this is the best thing i like about this product.

You can even use this as a make up base.

Retails at $128 per bottle but I am able to get this at 10% off, do email me at if interested.

The snail mucin a.k.a snail slime contains regenerative properties which helps in fast healing of scarring and blemished skin, while the marine collagen maintains elasticity of my skin and prevent wrinkles from forming!
This snail cream is specially formulated with the most effective ingredients, so that my skin can fully absorb everything!
For more information about this new holy grail of mine, click here: Www.facebook/TheSkinConcept

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