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Monday, April 28, 2014

[Review] Essential Sleeping Hair Mask!

This is an unpaid review of Essential's new product the Sleeping Hair Mask.

I'm quite a lazy person especially when it comes to my hair, i am considered very fortunate to be born with hair of soft and silky straight texture by nature, many times when i went for hair cuts at salons, the hairstylists would ask me if my hair was rebonded but i would tell them no, it's natural and they would comment on how manageable my hair is :)

However, the downside is that my hair is very limp and lack of volume, i also have a scalp that tends to get rather oily and due to these reasons, i don't bother using conditioner because this would tend to cause my scalp to get even oilier. I don't even have the habit of combing my hair, i usually just towel dry my hair after i shower and leave it on his own to dry.

But i know that in the long run if i continue this lazy habit, my hair, especially the ends will get dry and split ends will appear. So, when i heard of this Sleeping Hair Mask and i thought i could just apply it to the bottom half of my hair and go to sleep without bothering about anything else, I WAS SO ATTRACTED!!!

Hence, i went to google for it online and found out that they were giving away FREE SAMPLES, you can check out their facebook page: for FREE SAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL SLEEPING HAIR MASK.

I received my samples yesterday and tried them last night before sleeping.

 Each package has 2 samples inside.

My hair was kind of knotted up before using it because i don't have the habit of combing my hair  ;P

I squeezed out all the contents in the sample packet. The texture is milky and white in colour.

Applying the mask on the lower half of my hair, avoiding the scalp area because it has alot of natural moisture aka oil already.

It is light weight and very easily absorbed and smells awesome!!!

After about 2 hours, my hair looked like this and i loved it!!!! It's seriously smooth and very soft to the touch. It has this slight shimmer too. I cannot stop smelling and touching it.

Thus, i would like to recommend this very good product to everyone who is as lazy as me, you can just apply it to sleep and leave it to work on it's own.

It's supposed to protect your hair from pillow damages and you can now wake up to smoother and manageable hair!!! What a gem! i'm definitely going to purchase a bottle of this later!


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