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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kim's Place Seafood

We were actually intending to have dinner at the Peranakan restaurant near this place but we were too late and they were closed so our next best alternative was Kim's Seafood which was just steps away.

The restaurant was divided into 2. One section was totally empty and they led us there.

we are huge fans of oysters and decided to order these. There were very fresh and extremely fleshy and huge and costs about $5+ each. Will come back here for the oysters again.

i used to love Kim's Hokkien mee very much but this time this seems a little disappointing. Probably the chilli didn't give it enough 'oomph' or the 'wok' taste didn't emerge.

Broccolli with Venison. Venison was tender enough for our liking. Pretty normal dish.

43, 45 & 47 Joo Chiat Place
 (Junction of Tembeling Road)
Singapore 427767
Tel: 6742 1119 / Fax: 6348 9645
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Saturday 11am - 3am
Sunday 11am - 1am

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