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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My blogging journey

well, my blogging journey started a long way back about 10 years ago in 2004?

I started because it was quite a thing in trend at that time, i was still in secondary school, i would then blog about boring stuff like my activities for that day, how i felt etc... reading back on those posts, i actually felt quite silly to have felt like that last time.

Then my blog became a shopping and food diary, i would post pictures of clothes, cosmetics, skincare products and other items i bought and also post pictures of food with the intention of sharing the yummy food i ate with other readers online.

after graduating from school, i started to have my own income and started travelling, something which i had extreme passion for until now. i visited many places and documented my travel journey, provided many pictures and travel information for those who are interested to visit. I think this was what attracted my blog to many readers.

The lastest thing happening on my blog are my plastic surgery posts. Some of you may have read it already and my article was published in Stomp, Lolipop and Asiaone.

Link to my article on Asiaone here:

From then on, my inbox was flooded with readers asking me information about plastic surgery. My blog statistics rocketed tremendously and I realised i was very keen to answer all questions about my surgery and keen to help those in doubt. From here, i found another kind of love for blogging.

Now, i am proud and happy to announce that i am part of the MPF family and i sincerely thank them for inviting me to join their family.

Being a blogger isn't just about writing, it takes courage and guts to write an honest piece of opinion about yourself. If you are interested in blogging, here's something that may be of interest to you:

Please click on this link: on how to participate and be the next MFP blogger!

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