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Monday, March 02, 2015

[Food Review] Naughty Pigs - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Inspired by the famous Naughty Nuri's in Bali which many ribs lovers know of, we now have Naughty Pigs in Singapore, an in-house BBQ restaurant specializing in many cuts of pork in their special home made 'naughty sauce'! Be assured of mouth-watering, fork tender, succulent ribs here! I dare to say these are the BEST RIBS IN SINGAPORE!!!

With its spacious, open concept layout, this casual eatery is a good place in the East to indulge in meats with an Asian touch.

Alcohol is served besides the normal beverages.

 Very Naughty Tofu. Batter was light, crispy and flavourful and tofu melts in the mouth. A very good dish to kick start our meal.

Chilli con carne cheese fries. OMG, these are fantastic! Other than the boring fries served usually with ketchup, chilli and mayo, these fries are drizzled with cheese and mixed with minced meat and BBQ sauce which makes it different and definitely very yummy.

Naughty Ribs $18. Ribs were very flavourful and slow cooked to achieve ultimate tenderness. So tender that it fell of the bones so easily. The bbq glaze shines with flavoursome, expertly spiced tanginess.

Naughty Mate $17. They are actually soft bone ribs. Each set comes with your choice of salad+rice and rice can be changed to mashed potatoes or fries. Even the rice was very tasty!!!

Naughty Pork Chop $12. Extra thick section of lean meat cut through the centre to create a thick wide chop. 

 Naughty Collar $11. This cut is well marbled but not overly fatty, and what I had was super tender and juicy with the perfect juicy marination which reminded me of char siew! This was my favourite out of all the different cuts.

Naughty Pork Belly $9. It was grilled to perfection and charred nicely. If you take a bite of the cross section, you can immediately experience the different textures and burst of flavours. Extremely value for money too!

We were honoured and happy that our stomachs actually allowed us to try everything. I never knew I could eat so much ribs on a single day!

Sauce used is made in house and complements the ribs perfectly. Sauce is sweet and caramelizes nicely on the outer layer of the pork. The perfect BBQ pork ribs are not only fork-tender, but they must also be succulent and slightly charred on the outside like what you will find here.

I also wish to honestly say that these are one of the BEST RIBS I have had in Singapore. Try it once and you will never forget them :)

Naughty Pigs
306 Tanjong Katong Road

Closed on Mondays.

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