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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[Food Review] Violet Herbs

Violet Herbs is a new Modern European Restaurant with some Asian touches located in the CBD area at Tanjong Pagar. It takes its name from 2 violet herbs: Lavender and Purple Basil which are supposedly very rare.

The restaurant was prettily painted in lovely shades of purple, houses 2 storeys with 70 seats which makes it a very suitable venue for company functions and birthday parties.

 Chef Edward Hoe, previously from Restaurant Ember, with 19 years of experience, ventures out on his own, serving affordable set menus of modern European cuisine, starting from 3-course set lunch at $29.50++, 4-course set dinner at $42++, and degustation at $98++.

We were honoured to be able to try different items from their set menu and were very impressed with their service and the quality as well as taste of their food.

 Love the interior! Purple is the colour of royalty and there is a touch of elegance in this restaurant.

Warm and fluffy aromatic herb bread and butter greeted us!

Stared with the amuse bouche which is the pickled radish with sweet potato puree. 

Orange Foie  Gras with orange segments, chili candies, dehydrated orange and orange reduction. Foie Gras was so perfect it melted in the mouth with that buttery sensation. The saccharine chili candies paired very well with the foie gras. Those who are looking for something sweet can opt for this.

Roasted and Poached Foie Gras- Shitake mushroom, Mirin Shoyu, Raspberry Reduction. We really loved how savoury this was. With the careful selection of foie gras, Violet Herbs definitely served us one of the better foie gras we've had in terms of texture and taste. (and we're great fans of foie gras to begin with)

Parma ScallopsHigh quality scallops wrapped with thin slices of crispy savoury parma ham, sprinkled with foie gras soil, and paired with refreshing passion fruit sorbet. Burnt figs are added for that extra sweetness and subtle bitterness.

Pistachio and Herb Crusted Scallop with Butternut Squash Puree, Bisque Gel, Potato Chips and Chocolate Soil. The butternut squash was nicely done and lends sweetness to the entire dish.

Marinated Red Miso Cod with  Almond Eggplant & Roasted Pumpkin Puree. Fish was tender and flaked easily with well balanced flavours; sweetness from the pumpkin puree and salty flavours from the miso.

Sous Vide 48 Hours Wagyu Beef Cheek with Fregola Sada, White Balsamic, Zucchini Spheres, Red Wine Glaze. Among everything we tried here, we loved this the most and this won our votes. Beef was extremely tender and robust with rich flavours. Highly recommend this to all meat lovers.

Textures of Lychee (Panna Cotta) Just as the name implies, we were served lychess in 3 different forms: Lychee Granite, Dehydrated Lychee and Lychee Sorbet. Thought this was a rather creative dish with nice presentation. However. I found the dehydrated lychee to be a tad too sweet for me.

Apple Strudel made with Filo Pastry, Thyme Ice Cream, Cherries and Toffee Sauce. The unique thing about this is the Thyme Ice Cream, I've not had any ice-cream made from herbs before and this is one of my first. The taste of thyme was subtle and not too overwhelming and blends nicely together with the stronger taste of vanilla.

Violet Herbs
81 Tras Street Singapore 079020 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm Lunch last order 2:30pm, 6pm – 10pm Dinner (Mon-Sat), Closed Sun
Tel: +65 6221 3988


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