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Friday, September 20, 2013

CHIN FILLERS + BOTOX= One point V Face

Oops, I did it AGAIN!!!

It has been a good 7 months after my surgery in Seoul. I can proudly say that I am more or less fully recovered. My nose and my eyes are not swollen anymore and are here to stay permanently.

However, the fats graft that were injected to give me a more augmented chin somehow 'died' and diminished, leaving me with the same old receded chin that i had before.

I have always wanted a slimmer and more oval face which is V shaped and i LOVED the results of fats graft, however, good things do not last. Therefore, I had the urge to seek a remedy for this.

and I am so glad to have found Dr Tiffiny Yang Aesthetic & Surgery Clinic when i needed help the most!!! (Found the spelling of her name to be very unique, usually it's spelt Tiffany with an 'a' but hers is spelt 'Tiffiny' with an I)

After intensive research online and from friends, I have chosen Dr Tiffiny Yang to give me back my chin and my V face because I was so attracted to Dr Tiffiny's 1-point V Contour. Their products are of medical grade and the LASER and IPL systems are assuredly FDA (USA), HSA (Singapore), and CE (EU) approved.

TYAS has also been awarded the Singapore Excellence Award 2013/2014. 

Please read on for more details on this exclusive procedure.

Information about Dr Tiffiny's 1-point V Face:

Dr Tiffiny Yang combines just a single session of face slimming by Botox injection and chin augmentation by filler injection. It is nonetheless relatively pain-free with minimal (1-2) injections at every site to achieve a beautiful V contour of the face. This is a non-surgical procedure.
This is a 2 step process in a single session. The first step involves facial slimming with Botox injection to shrink the masseter muscles at the jaw, so as to achieve a slimmer contour of the face. The second step creates the V by augmenting the chin and shaping it into the ideal face shape.
The treatment synergistically combines the effect of face slimming by both botox jaw reduction and chin augmentation with filler. This gives a far better result than each single procedure alone.

And so... my journey to a V face begins....

Day of consultation!!! I was so excited and anticipating this day.

Entrance of the clinic.

Inside the clinic. See my round face, totally different from the initial times when I had fats graft injected.

Took more pictures while waiting for Dr Tiffiny to be ready. Check out the very sweet looking paper bag from the clinic. Love the girly, feminine fonts on it that spells Dr Tiffiny's name.

They also carry a range of very good products which usually sell out very fast. They have Crystal Tomato too! Heard from my friends that this product really helps in whitening but I have yet to try it out. Probably will do so next time.

The moment has arrived! Dr Tiffiny gave me a very warm welcome. A very dainty, gentle lady who is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about beauty and aesthetics. Her level of expertise and gentle touch has won her numerous satisfied patients too.

 Before proceeding with the treatment, I had a consultation with Dr Tiffiny first. Was telling her about my diminished fats graft and how I would love a V shape face.

 Dr Tiffiny was very patient and detailed in explaining the the steps to this treatment. She also mentioned that it is a very safe procedure compared to surgeries.

I had been skeptical but with the confidence and assurance from Dr. Tiffiny Yang – having my doubts cleared with patience and detailed explanation -
I have decided to proceed with the 1 point V face treatment!

I was led into the surgical room and numbing cream was applied around the area of my chin. Meanwhile, had to wait a few minutes for the numbing cream to be absorbed into the skin and I took this time to read the terms and details of this treatment.

 15 minutes later after the numbing cream has set in, the injections of the chin filler begins.

V Shape Face by Chin Augmentation
A short or stubby chin is the nemesis of the ideal face shape for beauty. Using hyaluronic acid filler injections, you can reshape your chin, therefore improving both your side and frontal profile.
Hyaluronic acid filler is a proteoglycan similar to what is also found in our skin, eyes and joints. It is highly reversible, either by dissolution or natural breakdown by the body over months, and has been found to be very safe for facial contouring.
For chin contouring, it only takes one, at most two injections, with Dr Tiffiny Yang’s 1-point V contour technique, therefore minimising the pain with almost no downtime. For first-time fillers, an average of 1-2cc of filler is sufficient. Pain is minimised with the use of filler that contains lignocaine to numb the injected areas.
Possible side effects
An occasional side effect is some dull aching and slight bruising under the chin for a few days. Swelling is minimal and the result is obvious immediately.

 I was told to relax as tensed muscles would inflict more pain. As the needles go through me, i felt slight but bearable pain which lasted as long as 3 second maximum. (Just like ant bites)

 After about 5 minutes, it was almost done! Dr Tiffiny gently massaged my chin so that the fillers would be at the correct positions. The V-shape can be obviously seen IMMEDIATELY after the injections!!

 Was given a mirror to look at my new and visible chin, was VERY HAPPY to see my chin again!!!

Very obvious right!! So glad to have made the decision to come here. But anyway, I was told that after 2-3 days, the chin will reduce by 20% due to the loss of water. The remaining fillers in the chin would be here to stay for the next 6-12 months! I would be looking more natural in a few days time.

The next step is V Shape Face by Botox Jawline Reduction

The masseters are two bulky muscles on each side of the angle of your jaw. They serve as muscles of mastication, which means they help you chew. There are two other muscle groups that also perform this function, namely the temporalis muscles and the pterygoid muscles.
With excessive chewing or grinding at night (in a condition known as bruxism), the masseters at the jawline can grow to quite a size (causing the jaws to look square), much like how body builders grow their abs and pects by training them. Relaxing the muscles by injecting Botox is effective in shrinking the jawline, thereby reducing the square jaw appearance.
How is it done?
Botox is injected into the masseters on each side of the face and spread out at multiple points within the muscle. With Dr. Tiffiny Yang’s proprietary 1-point V Face technique, it only takes one injection per side of jaw and is completed in under 5 minutes. It is highly effective, with minimal or no pain and absolutely no downtime at all. The procedure is a non surgical procedure, and the face sliming effect is seen at any time between 2 to 8 weeks.
Possible side effects
With Dr. Tiffiny Yang’s 1-point V Face technique, you will almost always walk out with no swelling or bruising, perhaps with just one invisible needle mark. In the first week, there may be a slight dull ache over the muscles, especially with chewing. This should be transient and resolve within a week. You should abstain from massaging the muscles and from lying down for 4 hours after the procedure.
 Ice pack was placed on my cheeks and jaw area to facilitate numbing.                                                      

   And so it began! I was given 40 units of Botox on my left jaw and 30units on my right side as Dr Tiffiny said that my left side is slightly bulkier than m right side. 

 I was given one jab on each side and the whole procedure was completed! Very fast and hassle free.

Botox would take 1-2 months to take effect and by then, I would have a nice and complete V shape face!

A big THANK YOU to Dr Tiffiny and the wonderful staff for beautifying me and giving me my desired V-shape face, I left the clinic as a very happy and satisfied customer.
More pics below!

Park Mall #12-22
9 Penang Road
Singapore 238459

+65 6338 9448


Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 1100am – 2000pm
Saturdays: 1100am – 1400pm (by appointment only)



Picture right before the treatment and right after the treatment.

Will be updating more very very soon! Stay tuned to the results of my Botox injections and full results of my V shape face.

Thank you for reading!


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