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Friday, September 18, 2009

Japan 2009- Hokkaido (Biei+Asahikawa) Day 5

Japan 2009- Hokkaido (Biei+Asahikawa) Day 5

on this day, we decided to make use of our Furano-Biei pass for a tour of Biei.
we booked the train tickets to Biei 1 day in advanced. (it's neccessary to plan ahead of time and check out the train timings because they come once every hourly, so if you miss the train, you'll have to wait one whole hour for the next one)

how the train looks like and thats the train master.

Biei station, it looks cute to me.

onboard the coach that was waiting for us right outside Biei station.

Takushinkan (Biei Photo Gallery)
This gallery stores the photography works of Maeda Shinzo who has been able to capture some of the most beautiful scenes of Biei and has put them together with some of his son’s works to create this large collection.

This is an extremely popular destination for photographers from around Japan.

another Lavender field!

our next destination- Biei Rolling Hills

aren't they lovely?

we're in paradise!

purple winnie the poohs can be found in Hokkaido too!

as well as purple Snoopys!


next, we made our way to Asahikawa zoo.
We took the JR train from Biei station to Asahikawa station, from there we walked to the bus stop which is just opposite the station and took the bus to the zoo. (pls visit the information centre at the train station for the time table of the bus)

the intestines/insides of a chicken

this animal is so cute, doesn't anyone know the name of it?

in the little cafe choosing some snacks

we settled for Furano potatoes and also fried chicken

we had another meal somewhere near Asahikawa station

cold ramen

Asahikawa JR Station

one of the many snacks we bought from the supermarket

we couldn't get enough of the food here and came back here again on our last night in Furano.

Handmade cheese sausages

wagyu beef

this jelly is yummy! we bought it from the supermarket right across this ryokan we're putting up at.

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