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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

*Guangzhou Day 5* (sept 2007)

*Guangzhou Day 5* (sept 2007)

i'm so sorry for the late updates!

Lunch at a Korean fast food restaurant just at the ground floor of our hotel.

If i don't remember wrongly, this is bibimbap.
i remember being a little sick on that day, was down with a bad sore throat and
a minor flu.

Fiona's mango smoothie


Tou fu!

Seafood Ramen and i remember this is spicy!

Pasta- my order.
and it tasted like Hokkien Mee, says Fiona.


My mad friends.

Doing my hair extensions.
I spent 5 hours here, 3 hours doing my hair and another 2 hours bargaining with the people who tried to cheat me with a very extravagant price.

What an experience that left us all in shock at that time.
But now, it became hilarious whenever we talk about it :)

Our dinner is at this really big seafood restaurant.
This is our most expensive dinner for this trip.

It's like a seafood market downstairs.

In Cantonese, this is called "Lai Liu Ha", a direct translation in English would be "Urine Prawns"
can someone tell me what exactly are these called?

They look like a combination of prawn + crayfish.
The head looks like a miniature crayfish's head while the body resembles that of a prawn.

It tastes really juicy and nice!
Where to find this in SIngapore?

Cheese oysters!

Big Hary Crabs!
It's my first time trying these and i really love them!
It only costs SGD6 for 1!
they say the male crabs taste better than the female ones, but the ones we had were female ones as they do not have male ones at that time.

Anyway, big hairy crabs are in season now, you can find it at Ding Tai Fung but they are very costly here, at SGD43.
I think Crystal Jade and some other cantonese/chinese restaurants should have them too.

Steamed fish

Zhu Jiang River!
it's just opposite the big restaurant we had dinner in.

My friends are really crazy at times, i tell you.
Actually they're crazy all the time!
Whenever we're together we're alwayz talking nonsense, teasing and scolding each other and laughing all the time.

Back at the hotel after massage.

This is the end of my Guangzhou trip Travaganza!

I'm going away again this weekend!!!
I haven't informed my mum and i don't even have the guts to tell her actually, as i've been travelling so often, it seems like i'm travelling every month!
I must really stop my nonsense soon.

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