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Thursday, October 25, 2007

i bought these 3 days ago:

Carebear lip gloss in raspeberry flavour!

Good Luck Carebear lip balm.

aren't they cute?
i wonder if they're good but they look totally irresistable!

i bought this green forever 21 inspired tube dress too:


In the search for good Korean food...........................

I did a little bit of research online and also after recommendation by one of my friend, i decided to try TOGI for some Korean food.

It's located at Mosque Street (Chinatown) and at the lane opposite CTC travel.
It gives you a really homely feeling, which is somewhat cosy but a little too noisy as all the diners get together.

Look at the crowd!
It's really crowded for a Tuesday evening and there was a long queue outside too.

Decorated with simple and cute traditional Korean polaroids.
The stuff are all native Korean too, they can all speak Chinese and a little English for some.

Every customer gets a wide array of 6 side dishes for free, and they're refillable and free-flow.

They are namely, kimchi, ikan billis, spinach, boiled potatoes in strips etc.
i particularly loved the kimchi for it's crunchiness and the boiled potatoes, they're so sweet!

I think it could be better as it was slightly bland although the ingredients were generously poured in.
I feel Tampines Mall's foodcourt's MANNA Korean stall serves nicer and better Bibimbap.

Rice cake!
These are starchy and chewy korean style cakes accompanied by some noodles.

We asked for some lettuces to go along with the sides and the rice cakes.

The BEST DISH HERE that i've tried!

The soup is spicy but it doesn't cause numbness, it's very rich in flavour as well as ingredients.
It is cooked with korean spices as well as tuna, flakes of tuna can be found inside the soup.
That's what gave this soup the great taste, we totally loved this!

I will go back to TOGI again whenever i crave for spicy kimchi soup.
There are lots of others to try as well :)

Goodnight people, loves.

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