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Monday, November 19, 2007

My new assymetrical bob cut.
i think it isn't as nice as i wanted it to be, thinking of whether i should get it trimmed and cut again?

Dinner at Spaggedies.

Here are some random and food reviews pictures in my camera:

Dinner at Togi (again) cuz we all love TOGI!

The famous 6 free-flow side dishes.

BBQ-ed Pork

The BBQ-ed pork when cooked.
the pork is a little tough i must say.

Korean Pancake.
this is so yummy!
crispy on the outside and soft on the inside :)

Beef is tasty too!

Seafood Kimchi soup.
The soup is spicy and has a strong crab taste which we all liked :)
and it's very addictive too!

Bibimbap, as i mentioned before, the bibimbap here is a little bland, the other dishes are wayyyyyyyyyyyy better compared to this.
i ordered it cuz i was famished and i needed rice to fill me up.

Spicy and chewy!

The diners:

We went chilling out after dinner:

Zhang Hui Mei's Concert Nov 8th 2007 in Singapore

Till now, i can't get over a-mei's concert.
her vocals are superb.
such a dynamic voice housed in a petite frame.

I didn't take alot of pictures cuz my camera can't capture the pictures very well.

see what i mean?

Towards the end of the concert, she managed to get everyone on their feet!
and the concert was around 3 hours plus long, the longest concert i've ever attended and undeniably, one of the best!

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