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Sunday, November 04, 2007

GENTING+KL Trip (October 2007)

GENTING+KL Trip (October 2007)

We took "Trans Star" coach to Genting and back.
The bus journey is around 6 hours long, we were given big massage chairs with our own personal LCD screens on the way there.
The 2-way transport + 2 nights hotel stay at First World costs a total of $121 per person which i found it to be quite cheap.

But on the way back, they downgraded us to an old and slow bus!
They didn't even provide us with any water or bread which they were supposed to.
We swear not to take Trans Star ever again.

Our first stop at Yong Peng.

Here, you can find some not very nice food and a giant provision shop that sells lots of Malaysian goodies.

One of them that you can buy is the Ceylon Tea Satchets, they're really fragrant and i only managed to find them at this place, not in anywhere else.
They also have 'Green Coffee'.

We took the night bus which departed Singapore at 10.30pm and reached Genting at around 4am in the morning.

We had to get the queue ticket for early check in which only starts at 11am!
and our queue number was 180!
Can you imagine how long we had to wait and how tired we were?

i don't really like Mary Brown

We had breakfast at a Dim Sum restaurant at around 9am in the morning.

The carrot cakes were rather crispy on the outside but too soft and sticky inside.

Some other dim sum dishes which were not very nice either.
One of them included "Cheese Roll"- sounds nice but it isn't, what a disappointment.

We also went to have foot massage just to pass time as we couldn't check in yet.
It's not very cheap and the price for foot massage for two of us is equivalent to one night's hotel stay!
We should have just booked an extra night so that we could check in on the spot and sleep!

I was really tired like hell that i dozed off while the masseur massaged my feet.

We had dinner at Mushroom Farm.
Undeniably, this is the best place to eat in Genting Highlands.
To get there, simply ask for the contact number of the driver of Mushroom Farm from First World Hotel's reception.
You can then call and ask the driver to fetch you from Mushroom Farm or if you're lucky, you can even catch their mini-van outside First World Hotel.
The number plate of the mini-van is 9100, they're alwayz making trips to and fro First World and Mushroom Farm.

As you can see from the above picture, our dinner consists of 3 main dishes.

Butter Tilapia Fish- this is the star dish and it's wonderful :)
Both sides of the flesh are removed, the remainder of the fish from head, bones to tail is floured and deep fried till crispy and left to stand in the middle of the plate. The fish fillets are deep fried then cooked buttered style with loads of egg white strands, and placed on both sides of the fish body.

Sambal potato leaves- we alwayz have potato leaves when we're in Malaysia.
Black Pepper Wild Boar Meat- these are really tasty and after a while, they became too salty for me to consume, but we managed to finish 90% of it though.

The total cost of our dinner is around RM40 which is relatively cheap!

After which, we visited RIPLEY's BELIEVE IT OR NOT.
Lots of strange and unbelievable artefacts are found here.

This man was placed in an operating microwave without getting burned or injured!

*Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, they were taken with my handphone because my camera's batt died on me at that time*

Chang & Eng- Thailand's most famous pair of Siamese Twins.
They had their own separate family and their own children!

This man is wearing dentures and his dentures are real crocodile teeth!

World's Biggest Palm!

This is not a jet plane.
It's a coffin!
In Africa, they have this culture of making coffins according to the trades of the deceased person.
I bet this person who laid in the coffin is a pilot!

Crooked room.

I enjoyed myself alot here, it's very enriching and a good way to past time in Genting Highlands especially when you're not so lucky at the casinos :P
haha, but....
things changed a little after we both sat on the world's luckiest chair.

Day Two- KL

To get to KL from Genting, there are various ways.
You can take a cab which cost around RM60-80 per journey. (it's better to get 4 people to travel together in this case to share the cost)
You can also take an express bus from First World Hotel.

Otherwise, you can also take a sky way to the Genting cable car station, and from there, take a bus to KL.

The view from the cable car.
Nothing much but lush greenery.

Upon reaching the cable car station, we approached a chartered bus which had enough space for the both of us and agreed to take us down to KL for only RM10!

Lunch at Jalan Alor- a very famour food street in KL.
This is really fantastic Fish Head Bee Hoon!
It's the best i've ever had in my life.
The soup is soooo thick and tasty, it's really perfect!
The Bee Hoon is very very very soft too!

Curry Noodles.
It's nice and spicy!

On the whole, Jalan Alor has really really good food.
I wish to come here again soon!

The streets of KL, Bukit Bintang area.

Sungei Wang.
It's like far east plaza, selling trendy and very reasonably priced apparels and accessories.
We spent almost half the day here.

Outside Sungei Wang.

Petaling Street aka China Town.

Lots of nice food can be found here too.
There are lots of shops selling imitation goods and touristy stuff as well.

The very famous BLACK Hokkien Mee (Dai Lok Min)
It's charcoal fried and thick with gravy.
But i found it overrated, i expected better.
Nevertheless, it's still good actually.

Tom Yum soup

Spicy La-la

After dinner, we walked around Petaling Street and realised there was actually lots of things to eat here.
We passed by a stall selling very fragrant claypot rice, i wish to try this next time too!

Day Three

Baskin Robbins!

We saw Rainbows on our way back to Singapore from Genting!

Some of my shopping buys in this short trip:

Mandi Lulur in Milk (body scrub) and some hand sanitizers which have very sweet smells and leave your hands clean and refreshed!
All these are from Watsons in Genting.

Bought a sheet mask, lipglosses and an eyeliner.
Elianto is from Taiwan and i think it's quite a popular brand as S.H.E is their official representative!
I tried both the lip glosses, i prefer the one in white tube (nourishing lip balm), it's refreshing, not very sticky and leaves our lips with a cool, minty feeling.

A banded shirt-dress from Sungei Wang.

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