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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

USA 2008- DAY 11 (Los Angeles/San Francisco)

USA 2008- DAY 11 (Los Angeles/San Francisco)

Our Los Angeles accomodation (feels like Pasir Ris chalet to me)

after we checked out, we saw some very vibrant activities going on opposite and decided to cross over to check it out.

Farmer's market!!

Santa Monica hosts Southern California’s local farmers at four separate markets on three days. Each of these Farmer’s Markets is an event more than an errand. In addition to the fresh, organic produce and cut flowers, artisanal cheeses and gourmet breads, the markets offer live music, chef exhibitions and many free samples. The Sunday market also offers pony rides and face painting.

The one happening in my pictures are at Main Street, happens on every Sunday between 9.30am-1pm.

Back at San Francisco (we took Southwest airlines from LA to SF)

We stayed at MAXWELL HOTEL (a mini boutique hotel on Geary Street), right at Union Square! (i got this hotel randomly from priceline)

i went mad in OLD NAVY!

we had dinner in this BANGKOK restaurant found in Union Square, it serves really FANTASTIC Thai food, staff were all Thai too.

the feeling of having spicy tomyum soup while the weather outside is freezing cold is simply great.

this is by far the BEST Pad Thai i have ever tried, so fragrant and the taste is just unforgettable!


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