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Thursday, April 28, 2005

purchases this week:

Tie Dye Tube top from UO
Image hosted by

Ribbon Tube top
Image hosted by

Interchangeable 3 Charm Choker
Image hosted by

Loop NYC Butterfly Sky Beach Tote
Image hosted by

Meadow Beach Tote
Image hosted by
i may not get this as i paid up a tad too late during the spree, however, i secretly hope to have it. *hee*)

Nokia 3230
Image hosted by
nope, this isn't for me, i was running and errand and helping someone buy it.

and here....

my shopping haul yesterday:
Image hosted by

i love all of the tees and tanks i got!
Especially the retro tube top.

My wonderful dinner last nite:

Image hosted by
the much raved about, ever so delicious FRIED UDON.
it smells great, like macdonalds french fries, i'm not joking!

Image hosted by
Steamed Live Frog with garlic.
looks yucky?
as a matter of fact, it is rather yucky.

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