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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the past 2 weeks has been MARTELL WEEK! :P

drink, drunk, down..

we had so much fun singing, shouting, playing, laughing, crying.
we successfully turned the whole pub into a zoo.

meet the craziest and loudest alcoholics in Singapore:

I secretly stole this from jac's blog cuz i'm lazy to upload them myself :P
and i have to add, i'm proud of her beautiful and artistic creation, that's why it's here in my blog, must feel honoured ok my dear babarian!


2 days later...

we met up again, for more drinks!

2 new comers!

and guess what, the night wasn't over.
we hopped over to Party World after that where we could sing in our own private zones.

and 2 nights ago....

how to resist drinking with such crazy people you tell me?
3 martells got everyone blasting at the loudest volumes.

i want more!!!

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