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Sunday, February 24, 2008

sorry for the lack of updates.

yesterday, i had the sudden urge to go shopping in Louis Vuitton. After 15 minutes of queueing up at the Ngee Ann City branch, i happily went into LV boutique and browsed thru their catelogue. A few designs caught my eye but when i asked the SA, i was told that they were not in stock!! (of course i wasn't going to buy a few at once, i just wanted one!)
ok, nevermind, so, i asked if the designs i wanted came in other colours/sizes and their replies were all negative.

so, off i went to DFS Galleria for more shopping.
instead of LV this time, i strolled into Prada and came out with this baby which i am extremely satisfied with:

It's so versatile, can be hand held or i can also sling it on my shoulders. Plus, i can change the shape of the bag by playing around with its buttons!

I love the delicate gold trimmings which are not too loud.

i didn't even notice the logo was here until i reached home.

next up, we went prawn fishing at Geylang!

Chicken heart is used as a bait for the prawns instead of the usual cockles.

I seriously do not have the talent nor patience for this, we threw in our rods for a long long time without any results while the uncle near me kept fishing out prawns in seconds.
eventually, i couldn't help but asked him how he did it and he was really friendly, even helped us add some metal things to the rod to make it heavier, and we managed to catch a few prawns after that!

This is the uncle's son who is so much better at prawning than us!

The pathetic amount of prawns we managed to catch.

Very fresh and succulent BBQ-ed prawns!!
The results of our 'hard-work'.

and the day before yesterday, we met up with  friends, they're a married couple and the girl is an ultra mega fan of Hello Kitty, look at her car!

She spray painted the whole car pink and pasted Hello Kitty's stickers everywhere, the interior of the car all has hello kitty trade marks.
Even the exhaust pipe has gems in the shape of hello kitty's head.
What a cute car!
Valentines Day!

We had a dinner at Senso, a nice and tranquil Italian restaurant.

I love the bread sticks.


Appetizer: Crab salad with red and black caviar.
This is fresh yummy, the caviar's very robust too.

Agnello Con Ravioli- Roasted Rack Of Lamb Served With Eggplant And Potato Ravioli In Goat Cheese And Oregano Cream Sauce.
This is the best lamb i've ever had for a long long long time! My poor vocab won't do it any justice, you've got to try it and you'll know what i mean!

Lobster Linguine.
Sorry for the poor lighting, i didn't use flash as it may distract the other diners.

Next, we went KTV.

The system hanged and stopped for a good few minutes here, it was quite eerie!

Actually i have more to update, but i'll do so very soon as my computer system is really lagging and getting on my nerves.

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