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Sunday, July 20, 2008

well, the past few weeks have been spent on eating, we've been going around trying all kinds of restaurants like Fish Market and Bistro, Yakiniku Daidomon, my favourite Japanese eatery (seriously, nothing beats this at all), some not too nice German restaurant and so on, i also can't remember now, must see the pictures to recall.

and i got these recently online too:

The one in red is 'Pong Pong Fen' and the one in green is 'Pong Pong Shui', a direct translation in english would be Volumnizing Powder and Volumnizing liquid spray.
they're supposed to fluff up our hair a lot, which is what i like, my hair is long now and looks even longer now that i chopped off my fringe (again), so i pretty much hope that these will give me very big hair!!

i want to have a small body with big head :P

if the above products fail to bring life to my limp hair, i shall chop them all off and live with the bob again.

next, with the help of my ex piano teacher who migrated to USA, i got these from bath and body works:
Alice In Wonderland Wallflowers! (scent is Honey Lavender)
i love how this looks!

cherry blossom
(as much as i love the sight of sakura, i prefer the subtle scent of cherry blossoms from Bath and Body Works rather than the overpowering scent of Japanese cherry blossom)

blissful blackberry

midnight pomegranate

i have no idea how all the wallflowers above smell like, my choices were based on reviews online. i hope they will make my whole house and my room smell good!

one last product i bought:
Lavender chamomile essential oil

when i came back from USA, i lugged back quite a number of stuff from Bath and Body Works too, and i really want to recommend a very good item (at least for me) to all of you.

this is it:

it's called "Lavender chamomile pillow mist"
just spray a light mist over your pillows and sheets before you sleep and it really works for me, i am deeply impressed!
because i am a super insomniac, maybe i should say i am those that take a reeeeally long time to fall asleep and i am a super light sleeper, i wake up at the slightest sound.
but when i start using this, sleeping was so easy!!
i love this to death!!

another room fragrant i like from bath and body works is 'passion fruit and guava', it smells sweet but yet, very citrus :)

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