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Thursday, July 03, 2008

USA Day 7- Los Angeles


1 cent slot machines!

one last look at the casino at Imperial Palace before we leave.
I don't know what they're playing.

anyone regardless of age are allowed to walk through the casino.
just that if you're below 21, you are not allowed to stop and look at any games, you can only walk through.
*you can walk slowly though, :P*

the walkway we walk up and down many times, daily.

McCarren airport

we had some spare change as well as time, so we threw them into the slot machines.

bought snacks too

a vending machine that dispenses sony digital cameras and PSP!

we were already in mid air and the casinos along the strip were still clearly visible, that shows how gigantic they really are.

Bye Vegas, hope to see you again soon :P

we saw mountains that had snow on them.

Welcome to Los Angeles, the city of cars... and stars!

at LAX, Los Angeles international airport

waiting for the bus that will bring us out of the airport.

waiting for the BIG BLUE BUS that brings us to Santa Monica

it's rather cold here in LA, totally different weather from Vegas.
the weather's perfect though.

beautiful flowers everywhere

this tree is everywhere, just like how sakura is everywhere in Japan when in season.

can someone tell me the name of this tree please?
the flowers are a lovely shade of purple.
we waited half an hour for the bus and after that we realised that our hotel is only 10 mins walk away!

This was where we put up at- Seashore Motel.
it's just 1.5 blocks away from the beach and beach and looks like a chalet.
Ironically, it being a motel, it is the most expensive accomodation we paid for this trip.
They say hotels in Santa Monica are more expensive.

we were exploring the neighbourhood, nothing much at this time of the day.
it's almost 9pm and not totally dark yet!

Main Street Library

cute houses like these filled up the entire street

Santa Monica beach, very quiet at night

another cute house

santa monica barber!

our dinner- soup

rice+pork chop.
so happy that this is on the menu but it was really disappointing, rice was hard, and so was the pork chop.

chicken salad.

grr.. i was really cold!

but i still can't resist my favourite Ben & Jerry's!

huge scoop of ice-cream which i thought i couldn't finish but i did!

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