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Thursday, June 26, 2008

USA Day 6- Las Vegas


yummy sorbets!

one of the free shows at Caesar's Palace, lots of people were watching but we were too busy shopping.

Bath & Body Works!!
from afar we could already smell the nice fragrances.

i bought lots from here cuz my country don't have :(

walking along the Strip. (extremely windy day)

Palazzo on the left, Venetian in front.

lots of people walking up and down the strip too.
we walked from Caesar's Palace to Treasure Island.

lots to see!

Fashion Show Mall at Treasure Island.
we came here just to take a look and have our lunch.

RA Sushi Bar and Restaurant.
We were dying for Japanese.

I like the decor.

Wasabi Mashed Potatoes.
This only costs USD2.
and it tastes rather strongly of wasabi, not disappointing at all and worth a try :)

and the portion is huge too.

Fried teriyaki ramen.
too sweet for our liking.

not too fresh sashimi

the handroll was good, seaweed was super crunchy!
but the fish roe sushi is not good, tastes weird and they're slimy which shouldn't be the case.

Half Price show tickets booth at Fashion Show Mall.
you can get shows at half price and fabulous discount packages on buffets at various hotels.

we crossed to the opposite side of the Strip.

we went back to our hotel to put our stuff down.
the 'dealertainers' again, can you spot Elvis Presley dealing cards?

Gwen Stephanie is performing on the mini platform.

The dealers impersonate celebrities like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.
They're funny and entertaining.
Tina Turner is quite motherly, haha, she advised us to stop playing alone with her cuz it's pointless.
Madonna is quiet.

You all must be wondering what the hell i'm saying, LOL.
You gotta go there, really!

You can 'order' hot babes and get them delivered to your door step.
Well well, we're in SIN CITY!

Casino in Flamingo

They were the reason we were here in Flaminogo.

FLAMINGO- one of the oldest hotels on the Strip.

funny looking bird.

The Deuce pass.
$3 one way, $5 all day.

World of COCA COLA

M&M's world!

Lions Habitat at MGM!!

Poker Tornament in MGM.

Harley Davidson Cafe

The Venetian, you can ride the gondolas here in the day time.

The Venetian is decked out in every which way. If you want high end shopping they have the Grand Canal Shoppes, if you want high end restaurants they have 15.

previously i thought that Caesar's Palace was the biggest hotel here but after reading wiki, i realised that the Venetian is bigger though it doesn't look like it.
It has 7000+ suites and rooms.
and it says in wiki that "The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is the largest AAA Five-Diamond rated Resort in the Americas. "

opposite the Venetian is Treasure Island.

can you spot me?

everything spells luxury and glamour here.

Going for dinner at MacDonalds!!

Free flow of drinks at MacDonald's.

Cinnamon Melts!
Really sweet with melted, milky cinnamon.

Our dinner!
I really love and miss quarter pounder, to me, it's the best beef burger that MacDonald's ever came up with, and i have no idea why they had to discontinue this in Singapore.

Walking towards Bellagio to catch the glorious fountain show.

Cute Fendi Bear!

after waiting for around 30 mins for the fountain show, they announced that it was cancelled due to the terribly strong winds.
i was really disappointed :(

Karaoke night!
Their karaoke is different from ours, they have to dedicate songs and go up on stage to sing, kinda cool :)

Someone having a tattoo done in a tattoo shop.

My next update will be on Los Angeles!

Will be having Japanese BBQ buffet with friends tomorrow at Daidomon, it's all about BEEF! They have beef sashimi! Raw beef liver, ox tongue and many others.
I simply cannot wait!


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