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Sunday, June 01, 2008


SHOPPING LOOT from USA!my dad sponsored a big part of my shopping expenses for this trip, what a lovely and unexpected surprise from him, otherwise i wouldn't have bought so much :)KATE SPADE
I fell in love with Kate Spade's simple, yet sophisticated designs.

I really love this colour and i think it's not available online as i didn't see this colour at all.

Look at the interior of the bag.
Lined with green polka dotted fabric, it gives the bag a girly feel, yet a hint of elegance when paired with yellow classy leather on the outside.

It costs USD198 before taxes.

I'm not a realli huge fan of COACH but seeing all the ladies crazily snapping up so many items, i really can't help but join them too!

The luggage tag costs USD17, the wristlet costs USD49 and the belt costs around USD60+, all from the factory outlets where prices are cheaper than the COACH boutiques outside in USA which are already selling their items very cheap, so you can imagine the factory outlets where its even cheaper.
i would be an idiot if i don't buy!

I have been looking for this Palermo PM in Singapore since the beginning of this year but it's forever sold out here!

therefore, i made it a point to continue my search for it in the USA and i can get quite persistent when it comes to things like this and luckily, this design is in abundance in most of the LV stores i went to!
Finding it there is like a breeze :)

and it's slightly cheaper there too.

Refund policy in USA.
all stores in the USA has a refund policy where you can exchange/refund your items if you're not happy with them or if they have defects as long as the items are not used and within a certain number of days.

and this also applies to my LV bag but i've never thought of returning it at all!

This is love at first sight, i absolutely adore the white leather of this waist pouch.

I don't remember seeing this in local Gucci stores but Bing says they have it here. Not sure though.
so i decided that i really want this in case i never get to see it again anywhere else.

Anyway this is a gift from Bing to me for our 6th years anniversary!

I loved this T&Co choker ever since it launched years ago but i never bought it until now, since it's slightly cheaper here in the US, so mite as well right?


2 lovely tank tops from BEBE, Las Vegas!
can anyone tell me if the black tank top can be found in local stores or anywhere else?
i didn't seem to see this in any other stores in San Francisco or Los Angeles?
Or is it only exclusive in Vegas?

some of the AX stuff i bought are from the factory outlets which cost slightly cheaper than the stores.

I really like this top alot and thats why i got one in each colour.

The reason why i like them so much is because of the metal AX letterings found on the straps.

another blue tank and AX flipflops at USD20 only!

AX earrings

Cropped pants from GUESS factory outlet, i can't remember how much but it isn't very expensive.
V-neck sweater to combat the colder days.

very soft and comfy white shorts and cami, both items from sales section of A&F, prices below USD20 each.

tops from Hollister, the store is so dim like a pub!
i seriously couldn't see very clearly in there.


i didn't try on these 2 items as we were rushing for time.
luckily i could wear the top but the skirt was a little too loose for me, but it fits fine with a belt though.

Pink jumpsuit!
it was love at first sight!
also comes in green, grey and white.


Good news for local XS/S girls like me!
For the normal VS range, the undies would be too big for us even the XS which would fit better for a local M.
But however for the VS PINK range, the undies are smaller and we can definitely it into their XS or even S!

VS fragrances.

VS PINK body lotion (fruity & bright), this has a sweet and cherry scent with fruity blackberry and vanilla.

VS PINK body mist (fresh & clean), this smells like freshly washed linen and i am very attracted to this smell, i am going to spray some on my pillows later.

VS perfume (sexy little things), this limited edition perfume smells very sweet but yet, very refreshing too, entwined with a hint of floral and woods.
It comes in a very cute box that lets out a wolf whistle when opened :D

this cami is very soft and made of very thin fabric.
i had 2nd thoughts before buying it but Bing said it looks vintage and nice and so i bought it since it's also very cheap, at around USD9.

sale item :P

a tee bought from a random store along the Venice Beach walkway.

basic green tube.
EXPRESS sells lots of basic apparels and at relatively cheap prices too.

a double breasted cardican and a scarf from AA in Santa Monica.
AA is another store that sells basic apparels from plain tees, mini/high waisted skirts, plain dresses to scarves, swimwear and bodysuits.

i went MAD in Old Navy!
they were having Memorial Sale during the weekend and most items were going at 40% off!

I can't fit into the ladies, so all my items are from the girls' section.

the sizings are very inconsistent.
i wear size 14 or 12 for bottoms (however, i do have a size 10 capri which fits which i bought long ago online)

for the yellow tee, i got an M, most of the other tops are all L except for the white cami which is XL.

luckily i was able to try each and every piece on before i buy otherwise i would have gotten them all in the wrong sizes.

i love this sundress and the halter suit.

Scented candle from Old navy.
i didn't know until now that Old Navy actually has fragrances too!
They even have stuff like body lotions, shower gels etc.


Sephora is a huge store that houses many other cosmetic/skincare brands.
Clinique is like 50% cheaper in the US.
i also bought some e/s palettes and lipgloss by Hard Candy for friends as well as Dior Addict 2 perfume from Sephora.

Walgreens is a pharmacy that is almost everywhere in the US.
It sells everything from cosmetics, toiletries, food, snacks, vitamins, medicine, household products to souvenirs.

Snacks and cake mixes for mum from Walgreens.

I love this line of products because they have so many nice smelling fragrances. Their body lotions are really good and makes the skin very soft after using.

Room sprays going at $3 per bottle.

footwear from Aldo, Forever21 and GAP.
as much as i love shoes, i can't fit into most of their sizes!

not as cheap as sold online.

Chocolates from Ghirardeli which is very famous and popular in San Francisco.

Avocado Honey from Santa Monica's Farmer's Market

Fruity white wine from CLINE (Sonoma Wine Valley)

STUFF FROM TOKYO (Narita airport)
the boxes wrapped in dark blue contain SHIROI KOIBITO!
The famous White Lover's Chocolates from Hokkaido.

my foundation refill from Kanebo which now changed name to Coffret D'or or whatever you spell it.

My hands are aching from typing all this now, i actually typed twice because when i was reaching towards the end of the post, i accidentally deleted everything and had to redo again from the beginning.

Will officially start writing about the trip tomorrow :)


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