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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Day 3- Las Vegas is SIN CITY


On our way to Powell BART station heading to the airport to Vegas!

Buying BART tickets.
At first we were quite confused over how to use this, and until now, i still think buying of the tickets using these machines could be way simpler than how confusing they made it.

a pretty little girl in the air train, which is exactly the same as singapore's sky train.

our lunch at SF airport!
Lori's is everywhere!

BIIIIGG, juicy cheese burger for me!

reaching Nevada, the state where Las Vegas is located.
Las Vegas is actually desert area, the pic you see above is Las Vegas' surrounding area.
Looks very dry and super warm.
Put me there alone, i'll just cry and drink up my own tears to hydrate myself.

The minute we stepped out of the plane, we see SLOT MACHINES!
right inside the airport!!!

after walking on, we see that slot machines are EVERYWHERE IN THE AIRPORT!

can they give the most outstanding airport award to Las Vegas?
where in the world can you find airports that have slot machines available readily?

Baggage collection area, slot machines are here in the middle of all the lanes.

The airport shuttle to our hotel right smack in the middle of the strip (the part in Las Vegas where all the fun is found), i can never ask for a better location to stay

Regarding getting to your hotels from the airport, you can take a cab if you're staying at the Strip area, it will cost about USD20 or so.

Alternatively, you can take the airport shuttle (we recommend BEL TRANS) cuz the person at the airport info counter says that the other airport shuttle is unreliable and told us to take BEL TRANS.
Cost is $6 per person right to your hotel doorstep, gratuity (tips) not included.

It is customary to give tips to anyone who serves you in USA (restaurants, cabbies, bus drivers, tour guides, chamber maids), you can try not giving, and they may probably ask or even demand for their tips.

As the door to our hotel entrance slides open, this was exactly what we saw!
The casino right at the entrance, open to ALL!!
The hotel we're staying at is Imperial Palace, one of the smallest hotels in the middle of the Strip, but it doesn't disappoint at all, and we will come back to this hotel for our next trip here again in future, because this is the only hotel which has 'dealertainers', will explain more later and i'm very excited again now!


our hotel room.
Nice, spacious and pasted with peachy pink wall papers which made it look very sweet.
I love this room and it's much bigger and nicer than i'd expected it to be!

Harrah's is right next to Imperial Palace and it is HUGE!
In fact, all the hotels/casinos are tremendously GIGANTIC!
They're bigger than i ever thought them to be, seriously pictures and what you see on TV is very different in Las Vegas in real life, the building are SO BIG!!!

and walking from one casino to the next can be tiring because they are so huge and consumes so much space, you really need time and energy to walk the whole strip!

The Strip area is the main area in Las Vegas where all the big casinos/hotels are located on 2 rows, side by side each other. Hotels like Monte Carlo, Caesars Palace, New York, New York, Flamingo, Harrahs, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Venetian, Treasure Island etc are all found on the STRIP.

You cannot imagine how huge they are, even when the plane was still in the air, i could see some of these hotels and their names, from such a far away distant, i could see these buildings so clearly, simply amazing!

The Mirage, another hotel/casino.

we crossed over from Imperial Palace to Caesars Palace, the largest casino/hotel we saw here.
Caesars Palace houses 3,348 rooms and has Roman landscapes and lots of water fountains found around and inside.

It's so big and has such a fantastic mall for shoppingand awesome architecture, it looks just like a King's empire.
The mall houses all brands that i can ever think of!

actually we wanted to visit all the gorgeous hotels one by one but when we stepped into Caesars Palace, we can't stop shopping!

My LV Palermo PM is from Caesars Palace.

Roman fountains- everywhere.

See the Roman landscapes inside the building

Shopping shopping and shopping, again, again and again.

When night falls, Las Vegas looks even more fascinating because of all the flashing neon lights that covers the entire area.

You can find things to do anytime of the day!

Las Vegas is also known as SIN CITY, because it is the only city in USA that prohibits drinking alcohol on the streets, in other cities in USA, holding a bottle of alcohol in your hands while you're in public is against the law.

Besides alcohol aplenty, the casinos are the main attraction in Las Vegas.
and hot girls are easily available for men too, thats why SIN CITY!!!

Still within Caesars Palace's vincinity, walking our way to the Bellagio, another big hotel.

Other hotels near us.
The walk from Caesars to Bellagio is like half an hour (with some short stoppings for photographs) even though they're just next to each other.

The famous Bellagio fountain!!
the fountain show is one of the number 1 attractions in Las Vegas and tourists flock to see this time and again, and it's free to watch!

The waters will dance to the music and ends with a loud and magnificent explosion to awe the audience.

It happens every day, after every 15 mins interval from 8pm to 12 midnight.
I think they have it in the afternoon too but not as frequent as at night.

and my camera had to die on me just after this picture.
argh! what perfect timing.
and you know what? we wanted to make it a point to come back here to catch the fountain show again and we did so on our last day, but due to strong winds at that time, the show was cancelled!!!
so i never got to see it again :(

stay tuned for more LV pics coming up soon!

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