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Thursday, June 12, 2008

USA Travaganza Day 4: LAS VEGAS!


our breakfast at the Imperial Palace's 'kopitiam'.
the sandwich was really filling but the turkey inside was cold, hard and dry.

Treasure Island

Fashion Show Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the Strip.
and this shopping mall houses over 250 shops and restaurants with 7 departmental stores, it is nearly 2 million square feet and is one of the biggest enclosed shopping mall in the world.

(and i thought Caesar's Palace shopping arcade was already quite big, luckily i never really shopped at Fashion Show Mall, otherwise i will end up sitting on the streets in Vegas with a plastic cup in my hands)

Circus Circus (located at the end of the strip)
i forgot to mention that i took these pictures while on the Deuce bus, we were heading to the premium FACTORY OUTLETS!

Sahara, at the further end of the Strip.
Luckily i never book this hotel cuz it's really far from mid strip, where all the fun and action takes place.

Burberrys have an outlet here too! (we reached premium factory outlets)

the factory outlets sells stuff from past seasons at discounted prices, but they're definitely not defected items.

The bags are all 50% off retail prices!!
From USD1100++ to only USD500++, isn't it a really good deal?
extremely HOT WEATHER!
really like desert.
once again i want to complain.. why must i experience the heat wave out of ALL TIMES?

but then again, it's ok!
the great and cheap shopping made up for everything :)


back at the hotel (see the sweet wall paper and the very low ceiling)
we didn't take much pictures at the outlets cuz we were too busy shopping.

Inside the Deuce which is just like our double deck bus.

MGM Grand is another hotel/casino that has a lions' habitat in there which we visited the following day.

big M&M's World!

vehicles like these coloured the roads.

Mandalay Bay which is also within the Strip.
we never went out the Strip during our time in Vegas except when we were visiting the outlets and when we went to Grand Canyon.

Lots of these helicopters in the air, they were bringing tourists to Grand Canyon or other canyons.

This is HUGE!!!
The picture doesn't do it justice but in fact, i had to bend down to capture the whole structure.

Looking for the box office to collect our tickets for this show.

we were surprised to see that Miriam Yeung will be going Vegas for concert!

The casino here at Mandalay Bay is more posh and quieter than Imperial Palace which was more crowded but had a very homely feeling, haha.

Dinner time! (baked chilli cheese potato, i asked them to exclude the chilli cuz i thought chilli and cheese makes a really weird combination)
we didn't eat anything since breakfast as we were really busy shopping before this and didn't even bother to eat until now.

my baked potato again with everything added- yummy!!!


horse racing??

concert hall entrance

we had a great view, the usher said 'we did very well!' (for getting great seats)

we were 3rd row from the stage.
and the show was awesome with great and familiar music from Abba!

The Luxor- this hotel is actually in the shape of a pyramid.

Hydro massage!

Look what i found?!

wide variety of donuts, i tried one but it was a tad too sweet for me.

New York new york hotel

MGM's Lion

view of the Strip from an overhead bridge

traffic is always very heavy.

is he posing for me in front of the Tropicana?

back in the Deuce to our hotel.
we could actually walk but i think the walk would take us 20-30 minutes!

Lots of drunk people when it gets later at night, its a really common sight.

and anyway it's really very crowded here at night especially on weekends.

Coming back to update on the GRAND CANYON!

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