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Monday, July 20, 2015

[Food Review] Izakaya 95

Nestled on the 2nd level of The Punggol Settlement, Izakaya 95 is a great new discovery with a menu of Japanese small-plate dining and yakitori. Together with these comes with great booze, a great selection of good sakes, sochus and beer. 

An amazing array of alcoholic beverages are displayed.

Catch them during Happy Hour for alcohol promotions.

Yakitori platter which we totally enjoyed. It consists of shishamo, foie gras, chicken heart, duck, lamb, pork. A little of something for everyone, very good for sharing and goes incredibly well with a mug of ice cold beer.

I personally love their garlic rice, so simple yet very delicious, something that always leaves me satisfied.

I highly recommend the above item the Hamachi Kama, this grilled fish is extremely tender and fresh, it melts in the mouth, not to be missed and this is something I will definitely order again when I visit.

The Asari Buta, light and hearty.

It was a delightful experience to dine at Izakaya 95, very relaxing with good skewers, beer and the natural wind blowing gently at our faces.

3 Punggol Point Road, The Punggol Settlement #02-05, Singapore 828694
Opening Hours:

Tue – Fri 5pm to 12am
Sat 130pm to 12am
Sun and PH 1230pm to 12am

Reservation Number:63841132

1 comment:

Unknown said...

This place is very unprofessional run by gangsters! Went inside to order a drink but owner a bold Chinese man! Shouted "eh can I help you! Where you going! I said hi I wanna get a drink but before that is there a toilet here? He shouted at me u wanna use toilet must ask me first! I replied I'm ordering a drink don't worry don't talk to your customers like that it's very rude! He replied this is my place I will talk how I want too! You not happy? I'm like dude grow the hell up and I left. Something so small this boss was clearly looking for a fight! It's ridiculous how he treats customers. Long story short he was drunk and waiting to pick a fight.
Unprofessional place run by a "Fat Ah Beng"


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