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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Guangzhou Travaganza 2007 (Sept)- Day One

Guangzhou Travaganza 2007 (Sept)- Day One

We finally touched down in Guangzhou after a 4 hour long and tiring flight.

We hardly caught a wink in the plane and worst still, we didn't even sleep the night before, we played mahjong through the night and rushed to the airport thereafter.

Our hotel room- LIDO Hotel.
It costs us approximately SGD100 per person for 5 nights.

Having our meal at our hotel's restaurant (its real good!!!!)

Exotic dishes like these can be found here and almost anywhere in Guangzhou.

The menu has lots and lots and lots of food that we can't decide on!

"Ham Shui Kok" and porridge. (porridge is not very nice in this restaurant, not worth trying)

Excellent milk egg tarts that is really juicy, sweet with very soft but yet crispy crusts.

The other dish is brinjal that instantly melts in my mouth.
These 2 dishes are an absolute MUST TRY!!

Pork Knuckle Salad. (the gravy has a very typical sweet and sour Thai/Vietnamese cuisine taste), but it's nice.

Fried Beehoon, pretty normal.

Cheese Baked Sweet Potato.
I'm a big fan of cheese and potatoes, you can imagine how much i love this.

The price list for NEWAY KTV.
We thought it was rather cheap, it even comes with free buffet but after that we found a much much cheaper KTV.

Happily exploring the place while the rest were sleeping away in the hotel.

After walking up and down Beijing Road (opposite Lido Hotel), it's a pedestrian shopping street where you can find cheap and nice clothes, accessories, do hair/eyelash extension etc, we also got really tired and headed back to the hotel for a nap.

Dinner time at Xing Yun Lou at Tai Kang Road.

Tha fantastic DURIAN MUAH CHEE!
Truly unforgettable and very very cheap.

I can't remember what this is but i think it's pig intestines soup.

I dunno which animal's brains soup.

Fried pig's stomach.
I never liked all these but this dish is really nice.
it tastes similar to squids which is the next dish.

Fried and very fresh squids.

All extremely happy with this meal.

We found a new way to take pictures!

I highly recommend this place to dine in.
Alot of their dishes are really unforgettable, they have lots of varieties to choose from and its really very cheap.

We ordered so many dishes and it's not even RMB200. (divide by 5 to get SGD)

Tao Tao Ju's GIANT Mooncake!

A vending machine that sells condoms.

Typhoon's coming!

This is a BMW!
I wonder if it's another replica??

Massage time!
This massage parlour is heaven, seriously, i really love the service, the skills of the masseurs, the spa, the food, the everything!!!!!!!

Ear candling for only SGD7!!

Free cigarettes and lighters too.
The 3 chinese characters is the name of this massage parlour: Jun Kang Yue.
It's at Guangzhou Hotel.

The best place to relax after a tired day.
It even beats sleeping at home!

i think i better jot down some of the prices before i forget.
1 hour body massage- 50rmb (~sgd10)
70 mins foot massage + 1 hour body massage- 88rmb (~sgd17)
ear candling- 38rmb (~sgd7)

unlimted spa package + 1 hour body massage + free flow of food + use of internet= 168rmb (~sgd33)

and for the unlimited spa package, if you wish to add on another hour of foot massage, you only pay rmb10 which is sgd2 only!!

we're really queens in this place, no joke!

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