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Monday, September 03, 2007

~*Happy Birthday to Me*~
(31st August 2007)

Another year older but i still look like a kid!
Anyway i had an awesome time with all the people i love at my birthday party!
Dinner before the party was fabulous too!

We alwayz crave for the yummy pork rac here.
and i swear the bread and truffle butter is very addictive too!

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, they were taken with my hp when i was here cuz my camera's batt died on me unknowingly.



Raw scallops, with compliments from Elvy!
They're really sweeeeeeeeet and very very fresh!

Seabass, my main dish.

This is the fabulous Pork rac i alwayz talk about.
It tastes 10 times better than the pic i took.

Elvy says this hot chocolate is a must-try, so i tried it even though i was really full.
It's really nice and rich indeed!

The flowers and cake were a lovely surprise!

Celebration at MEMORIES.
But i alwayz end up leaving this place with NO MEMORIES because of alcohol!

Squashed by 2 mad people!

howhowhow, scared scared scared.
she is also a scaredy cat that thinks she is a lion.

Joanne- thanks for the perfume, i love it lots!

eh, no touting ah.


Faricana is alwayz asking me to tah tah tah.

My birthday party is also SAC alumni. hehe.

Thanks guys for the martell!

Michelle and Luna.


The whole place is like a happy market place, people talking and shouting non stop, people selling things, people drinking and laughing loudly.
There is never a SECOND of silent!

Know why i have to cover my ears?

Look at them, open their mouths so big to 'shout' me my birthday song, i have to close my ears!

I love the big big card!

I love the cake, it's so unique and it seriously tastes good!
I'm a sucker for sweet stuff.

My presents!
Thank you all so much!
And why is everyone giving me perfumes?
Am i so smelly??!!!

hee, but seriously, i love perfumes, so thanks again!

Among all the gifts, i love this Big Big Card the most because of all the silly and funny comments inside, i keep reading them over and over again like a big story book.

The birthday present i bought for myself.
Thanks to Faricana!

My dad bought me a very cute birthday cake too!

My mum likes the cake alot too!

Thank you all dear friends for everything, no matter what occassion it is, our sweet and happy memories with each other will alwayz remain. (your loud voices will forever be stuck in my head!)

Dinner at Oosh, on Sunday.

The star of the day- munching on pork belly!

Our drinks.
A mixture of martinis, Kir, beer and stout.

Very yummy escargots!

Not so yummy duck confit, it was overly salty.

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