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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Guangzhou Travaganza Sept 2007 (Day 2)

Guangzhou Travaganza Sept 2007 (Day 2)

We slept till the afternoon as we were all super tired.
Our lunch at Tao, a restaurant with splendid modern decorations, one which we stumbled upon.

Assorted BBQ meat and it tastes very good.

If you come to TAO which is somehow recommended (will explain why i said 'somehow' later), you should try the dishes that i'm going to post up in this post because these are the ones that tastes really good, don't try your luck on others unless you're feeling adventurous.
Because these are the very same dishes i will try again when i come TAO next time, i'll definitely come back to TAO again but i'll never order anything other than these.

Chewy fish skin!

Here comes the soup!
It's Pear with Wu Hua Guo (sorry but i dunno what this is called in English)
This mini pot can hold lots of soup, we had around 3 small bowls each!

It's kinda sweet in taste and i think there's duck meat inside.

Spicy La-La!
I love this lots and the portion is really big enough for all of us who are giant eaters!

This has got to be my favourite dish over here, it's MONGOLIAN BEEF!
The beef is soooo tender and soft while cooked with some mild mongolian spices, a little spicy plus something else which i really can't describe, but it's absolutely nice!

Chilli Frog!
The big 'tomato-like' stuff is actually Chilli, i've never seen such a big chilli before and this dish is really spicy, in fact, most of the other dishes are spicy too.

Just look at the amount of food the 3 of us had that afternoon.
Its exaggerating, so much that the waiter taking our orders told us to stop ordering when we wanted to add more orders!

To get to TAO, simply cross the road from Lido Hotel (the traffic light nearest to the hotel, cuz there's 2 traffic lights, one is nearer to Macdonald's and one is nearer to the entrance of Lido.

Then walk straight along Hui Fu Road, you will pass by a few other eateries including a seafood hawker, shops selling herbal tea, Thai restaurant along the opposite side of the road etc.

Keep a look out for a small stairway leading to the restaurant, it's located on a 2nd storey of a building.

The receipt of this meal.
Once again, it's really really cheap for the quantity and quality we ordered.
For the full names of the dishes above, you may like to take a closer look at this receipt.

Outside TAO's washroom :D

This is the stairway which you must look out for because it leads to TAO.

Our ultimate place for shopping, prices are really cheap.
A nice top can cost you as low as $4.
Casual printed tank tops costs $3.
Jeans cost $5.

Many teenagers love hanging out here, it's simply like a mini-chatuchak with many lanes and sub lanes.

But the best thing about this place is that, it's air conditioned in most of the very narrow lanes!

You can see many young girls dressing up to the nines over here, unlike us, we were so under-dressed. (fear of getting rob la!)

We found a small lane within Zhuang Yuan Fang that has dilapidated wood shacks which gave us a very 'ancient' feel.

Dinner time!

This looks like fishball soup but it's more than that!.
It comes with lots of veggies, i realise that the veggies in China are fresh and reeeeeaaaaally crunchy, so unlike the veggies we have here :(

It's fishball on the outside but on the inside, it has fish roe.
Can someone tell me the proper term for this?

Beef with radish.

Look at this bubbling Beef Brisket!
Can you see the bubbles and the steam?
This was what attracted us to eat at this small eatery located at Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Shopping Street.

This is the very vibrant and colourful Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Shopping Street. (Bu Xing Jie)
This is the place where the young and old gather, for shopping, food and leisure.

It was really really crowded.
and lots of pick pockets are here too.

We saw a stage with lots and lots of toddlers jumping and running around and all the adults were crowding around them taking pics, so i snapped one too!

See the red words "Ge Ge" on top?
That's th KTV we went the following day.

Oh, look, my friend can fly!!!

So can her cousin! (yes, they're cousins)

So can i!
Birds of a feather flock together!

And while we were taking our 'flying' shots, this woman just carried her son and peed right in front of us.
The evidence can be seen (the wet pile) in the picture!!!
It's not even done discreetly in a corner, it's done openly, right in the middle of nowhere.
Such sights are really common.
well, all i can say is... different countries, different cultures and habits.

Spa at Kang Jun Yue!

The caretaker of the spa, the one who blows dry our hair for us, prepares our pyjamas for us, brings food and drinks for us and takes care of all our needs.
and they have the same birthday!

me and Jessie in sauna, enjoying the very nicely brewed lemon tea.

Back at the hotel.
Look at all the stuff the 3 of us bought on one single day!

Our mini flip phones which we bargained so hard for!

All our buys laid out!

We're tremendously happy girls!

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