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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bangkok 2007- Day 3!

Bangkok 2007- Day 3!

I woke up early in the morning in my sleeping attire plus a sweater just to go to the ATM to press more money!
I think i really overspent in BKK even though i bought so little things compared to last time.
I really wonder what i spent on.

Back to the hotel again.

Here comes our breakfast, brought to our doorstep.

We were too tired to go out for breakfast.

We seem to come to this restaurant everytime we're in BKK and our last stop alwayz seem to be in MBK!

The restaurant's menu.
They serve reeeeeeeallllllllly spicy noodles!
The airport!

Our last minute dinner at the airport.
The food in Khaosan is so much better than the expensive food here.

Home Sweet Home.

and Happy Birthday to me =)

oh, and i'm going for yet another holiday next week!!
my god, now my mum is complaining about me alwayz travelling, but i'm love holidays!


Thu Huyền said...

bong da so
keo bong da
ket qua bong da

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