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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bangkok Trip 2007- Day One

Bangkok Trip 2007- Day One

Arrival at Bangkok International Airport.

I was ultra grouchy cuz i didn't even manage to catch a wink of sleep. :(

Check in at The Oriental hotel.

Our Superior Riverview Room.
Tha large king sized bed came with super comfy sheets and pillows that brought me to sweet slumber every night.
The bolsters are really heavy!

Genuine teak and soft Thai silk surrounds me!

The bathroom is amazing, bath tub is big and shiny.
It has 2 sinks and another private shower area besides the bath tub.

The amneties provided are really good!
The shampoo has a rejuvenating ginger smell which made my hair really soft.
Their body moisturizer was good too.
They even had a nail care set!

Mineral water, i'm still wondering why they were placed in the bathroom.

The connected cubicle that has the toilet bowl and the other private shower area.

View from our hotel room.
That's the Chao Phrya River.

Complimentary welcome drinks.

CD player.

CDs were there for us too.
We played these soothing music everytime we were in the hotel and now i love the piano even more than ever!

Extra sheets and pillows hidden in a basket under the bed.

Cutlery set for our needs.

The Oriental Hotel's history book!
A sealed copy of this book is on sale in our hotel room.

The hotel's main entrance.

At Erawan Shrine.
A compulsory place to visit everytime we're in Bangkok, not compulsory for me cuz i'm not a Buddhist but compulsory for Bing.

Lunch in JJ market.

Very simple rice and pork dishes but they're extremely tasty.

Crab + something salad, i can't remember what exactly but its not very appetitizing compared to others i've tried before.

This is really yummy and very spicy noodles!!

JJ Market was scorching hot and surprisingly quiet and not very crowded.
That makes it easier to shop around without too many people competing with me for oxygen!

After shopping at JJ, we headed back to the hotel for a short rest and headed to Chinatown for dinner.

We had dinner at Nam Sing which i thought was way overrated.

Duck's tongue.
The sauce that comes with it doesn't taste good enough.

Escargots, these were rather yummy!
but it would help if the snails were slightly bigger.

Golden mushrooms fried with butter but i seriously don't taste any butter.

Large prawns with glass noodles, these were reasonable in taste.

My fun travel mates!

Steamed fish, it was quite fresh.

BBQed squid

We also had shark's fin soup here and it wasn't nice at all.
The soup had almost no ingredients inside and its very starchy!!

I don't think we will patronise Nam Sing again, i shall source for a better place for seafood the next time i visit Thailand.

Cute little eggs!
This picture was taken at the Memorial Bridge, another very good place for cheap shopping, its like a mini chatuchak.
Some people would find this place rowdy as its filled with young teenage Thais, but i feel ok here, maybe i'm used to such crowds.

Foot massage- 300baht at Chang Massage.

The place is nice and dim, makes me wanna sleep there.
They have another branch at the airport as well.
Oil massage for an hour cost around 450baht which i think is quite cheap.

Back at our hotel.

Staying at the Oriental Hotel was absolutely wonderful.

Service is top notched and we had our own personal butler that attended to our every need.
We were so well taken care of and everytime we board a cab from the hotel, we will be given the hotel's name card with the car plate number of the cab just in case anything happens.

We were ALWAYZ greeted with smiles the minute we step into the hotel, everyone smiles, and i really mean every single staff there you see will smile :)

No wonder its known as the best hotel in Bangkok, now i truly understand why.
and a night's stay costs USD350.
I will definitely stay there again (when i strike lottery).

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