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Sunday, August 05, 2007

a little update on what i've been buying recently:

I bought the dress in Royal Blue

This cotton shorts is really very comfy, initially this wasn't the colour i ordered but the seller had some miscommunications with the supplier and sent me this colour instead.

Fringe styler.
my fringe is still short so i have no use for this till it grows long again.

Pre Care make up base
it gives soft and a very silky feel to the face but i prefer a base which makes my face feel matt.

Kate Gel Liner in BK-1
i like this gel liner lots, its easy to apply and comes with a soft, yet productive brush and a very cute little jar.
It is smudge proof and the silver glitters are rather obvious, yet not dramatic at all.

Kiss Angel Moist Powder.
Coverage is quite sheer and it doesn't help much in oil control but it makes your face really feel really soft and natural.

Gransenbon Blush.
Silky and pigmented, i really love this blush lots!

now, i think its time for me to change my hp too as i've been using mine for like 3 years until its becoming an antique now, luckily i've checked and it still have some value in the market.

thinking of the nokia 6300 though its getting rather common but i'm really used to nokia and i'm an idiot to using other mobile phones by other companies and the previous nokia models are all huge and not appealing to me.

at least the nokia 6300 looks sleek and nice enough for me to even think of getting it and abandoning my good old 7610.

what's more, it's only $12! (there's some promotion going on) and that's a really good deal.

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