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Friday, August 17, 2007

i have zillions of pics to upload here, taken from joanne's and fiona's camera.

you see, i rarely put my camera to use or even bring it out because my friends love taking pictures and if i bring mine out, the pics that we will be taking will be the same and worst still, if i have their faces in my camera, they will keep bugging me to upload and send to them and you know, i really love procrastinating and i'm a lazy bug, so, the trick is, haha, let them take and i bug them to send lah. :P

Air-flown oysters and red wine from Adelaide

Then to Memories after that, our new favourite hangout, so much so that we go there almost once a week recently.

JB Early Retirement Trip!
wen wen's condo really made me feel like going there to retire though its only JB but it's really relaxing there, all we did was eat, sleep, drink, gamble and watch DVDs.

The living room where we watched tv, gameble and made merry.

One of the rooms where we had our sweet slumber.

The dining area where we had our feasts.

The balcony where we bbqed.

The drinks that we had.

The kitchen where we found food and they cleaned up!

We just woke up!

Having a steamboat feast.

It was really a sumptious feast.

That's our supply of soup!

They gambled like there's no tomorrow.

We bbq-ed a little too!

Drinking session, the drinks tasted like poison cuz they venemously mixed all sorts together.

I lost and they laughed.
I had to drink the whole cup which was mostly red wine + martell and very little mixer!
You tell me, how not to puke??

My loyal one leg lost a few times too but she still helped me a little with mine.

How many thousand times must i lose?

Bloody yucky drink!

She's the one that heartlessly mixed the drink, now its revenge time!! *LOL*

Oh my god, who's that and what was that for?

all drunk and turned mad!


Seafood feast the next day.

Isn't it good if life was like that forever?

Her penalty for losing UNO!

Wilson's birthday

We love paige!

Chilling out at St James

That's all for now, i'm running late for dinner!

i'm flying to thailand early tomorrow morning for some mega shopping!
Be back soon with more pics of my shopping loot and the beautiful land of smiles =)

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