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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bangkok 2007- Day 2

Bangkok 2007- Day 2

Louis Vuitton- one of the upscale boutiques that makes up The Oriental Shopping Arcade.

The Oriental Shopping Arcade.

We've reached JJ, and the first thing we did was to look for food!
Now, they have this mini cream puffs everywhere which i didn't see the past few times i came.
I didn't try it but my friends did and they say it's not bad.

The sun's scorching and we were burning!
CTC only operates in the morning to about like 5ish in the evening on Saturdays and Sundays.
It's one of the world's biggest market, and you can't possibly finish it in one day.

Bing never fails to have this very simple but ultra yummy dish.
It's just egg with rice.
Even the rice seems very yummy!

Yummy fries, something i'll never be sick of.

The weather was too hot that we left Chatuchak earlier than planned.


We're back at the hotel again for a rest.

The pool seems very tempting when you're hot and sticky.

The hotel lobby again.

Now, this is what i call Shark's fin soup.
It's heavenly!
It has crab meat and mushrooms inside and i can't get enough of it.
It's way better than the ones served in Nam Sing.

You can find this yummy shark's fin soup from the stall right beside Watsons, the same stretch where White Orchid Hotel is.

Roadside food stands near MBK.

On weekends, the road leading to Siam Square and MBK will have some sort of flea market where you can find really cheap clothes.

At Khaosan, our favourite place in Bangkok.

I really love Khaosan lots.
Shopping is a little more ex than shopping at CTC but you get designer, hand made and vintage stuffs and its definitely better shopping at night as its more cooling.

Colourful Khaosan.

Khaosan is like a little world on its own separated from the other parts of Bangkok, it just feels so different.

You can chill out and people watch in Khaosan by the roadside like how everyone is doing.

Yummy food that can't really be found anywhere else are all here in Khaosan.
(at least for me i didn't see these roadside stalls anywhere else)

Best Kra Pow in the world!
Kra Pow is pork and chicken with rice, very nice indeed.

This is how Kra Pow looks like, it's a must try!

Chocolate banana pancakes, only found in Khao San!

My ultimate favourite food in Bangkok.
The banana melts in your mouth!

Massage in Khaosan.
There are lots of small massage parlours in Khaosan, finding one is never a chore.

Chilling out at Roof Top Bar, Khaosan.

The place is noisy but fun, apart from the stuff , we're the only asians there i think.

Whether in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Japan, we're alwayz drinking!

This is how the streets of Khaosan looks like from the bar at 2am in the morning.
It's like a ghost town, Khaosan basically operates between 9pm-12mid night only.

Pigging out again after drinks.
This is really tasty Pad Thai, it's nicer than what you get in many restaurants!

I love Khaosan lots!
The next time i visit Bangkok, i think i'll just stay in Khaosan, all my favourite Thai delicacies can be found here, i can chill out and party here, i can shop here, i can massage here, ATMs and money changers are in abundance, what more can i ask for??

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