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Friday, June 21, 2013

Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands

One evening, we decided to come here for dinner. There are four menus for you to choose from — sushi, teppanyaki, robata and ramen.

Its better to make a reservation beforehand to secure a seat in this restaurant.

Staff were very friendly and knowledgable and helped us select what we should have for dinner according to our preferences.

Mini Cha Shu Don- Soy based pork belly on rice.
Love the watery yolk oozing out from the egg, pork slices were somewhat sweet and this size would be good enough as it leaves me more stomach space to try more food!

 Garlic Rice.
Its a wonder how a simple dish like this can be so satisfying, i always love garlic rice. However, i preferred the one from Sakae Teppanyaki, i thought that was more tasty compared to this.

Foie Gras marinated with Miso and hint of Yuzu. I really love this to bits, foie gras is crisp on the outside and  creamy inside, definitely worth a try!

Chawanmushi- Black truffle flan with fresh sea urchin.
Another unique delicacy here, egg is steamed to perfection, very smooth in texture. After a few hours, i still can taste a slight bit of truffle lingering in my palettes.

the broth was quite normal and nothing to rave about.

Japanese Wagyu beef tenderloin.
Excellent, fresh and tender.
Cha Shu Soy Ramen.
The soup was pretty moderate to me. However, the highlight was the cha shu slices which were very tasty. I would come here for this bowl of ramen again :)

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