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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Week after week after our clubbing sessions, we will be here having supper no matter how drunk or wasted we are. Everyone just seem to love the curry rice here and it's super addictive!! 

 The curry gravy itself is very nicely cooked, enough to get you coming back again for more very soon.

The crispy pork chop is very tasty and super crispy just like crackers! It's the star dish here. Please do not leave this place if you haven't ordered this dish.

 Braised pork.

This is another star dish which all of us love. Cabbage chup chye!

Other yummy dishes which we always order include luncheon meat, fish, egg and meatballs.

These are the only pictures i have from this curry rice stall despite visiting this place upteen times. Haha, reason is due to being highly intoxicated by alcohol to even remember taking any pictures before i even reach here.

Located at a coffeeshop facing carpark at BEO Crescent, Blk 40.
It opens from 3am onwards and closes at around lunch or until sold out.

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