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Thursday, July 19, 2007

i just got back from a day of purely food and fun.
alcohol free, stress free!

and i thought, before i forget the names of these wonderful food, i'd better post them as soon as i can and as soon as i have the mood, which is now!

met up with 2 wonderful foodies (like me) for dinner at PASTA WARAKU, at The Central, one of the latest shopping malls in town.

Don't you think the decor of the place is very nice?
i think it's very special!

This is PASTA HEAVEN indeed!!!
Decorated with a thousand and one pasta food models and these food models are all found in the menu, which means you get to taste the real thing in the restaurant!

The menu says, "Japanese Style Healthy Pasta"
and there are so many varieties to choose from, plus, they all look extremely yummy!

i just can't get enough of these food models.
i wished plastic could be eaten.

Started our dinner with mini salad.
what makes this salad so appetizing is the Japanese Dressing it's mixed with.

We ordered the set which comes with this white wine, soup and the mini salad above.
This white wine is a little sweet, i like it very much cuz i have a sweet tooth.

Very creamy corn soup, but very tasty indeed.
Bing and Cre both dislike corn soup but they have nothing but compliments for this.

Hokkaido Cream Crab Pasta in wafu cream sauce. ($18.80) comes with mini salad.
Wafu cream sauce is nice, the only thing is that the texture of the pasta is a little too sticky and also, the crab meat is rather stiff.

Gratin set. ($19.80)
The eggplant gratin is absolutely WONDERFUL!!
the taste of the cheese makes me deliriously happy.
it comes with Wafu Cod Roe Pasta beside it.

Demi-Glace Hamburg Steak. ($12.80)
It has a piece of melted cheese on top of it, although the cheese didn't come oozing out of the steak, it certainly tastes like the one that i had in Japan.
Meat is very tender and soft, it seems to be melting in my mouth.
It comes with some wedges and carrots and corns, the carrots are way too sweet!
Highly recommended!!!
It only costs $12.80.

This King BBQ Lobster is a side dish. ($16.80)
Topped with cheese and tastes just fantastic and it's a must try!

and lastly, the STAR DISH!
all of us agreed unanimously that this is the BEST dish we've tried so far.
it's the Scallop and Salmon Roe Gratin. ($12.80)
The sauce is really unique and has a light seafood, cream sauce taste that isn't too heavy.
The colour itself is already one of my favourite!

We left Pasta Waraku feeling very happy and full.

Next stop, we went to the MIND Cafe.

we took the 2 hour package which comes with 2 sides, 1 munchies and 1 drink per pax.
That costs $9.80 per pax.

There were so many games and we were clueless on how to play most of them.

This game is, "Halli Galli"

Look at how unstable it is, in fact, it's wobbly.
finally, it came crumbling down under Mich's hands.

and lucky us had a lucky throw in which we won a free 2 hour gaming session here for 2 person!

Happy day, happy girl =)

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