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Monday, July 16, 2007

Here are some reviews of food, very yummy food really worth trying.
AJITEI, Takashimaya Branch

I can't remember the name of this dish but there's noodles inside the yummy egg.
The other dish is chicken soft bones.

The reason why i ate here was because of this dish.
shit, i forgot the name again but i kept eating this while i was in Japan.

Delicious brinjal.
My favourite vegetable.

This dish is a must-try.
It's cheese potatoes!!

We left Ajitei feeling full and very happy :)


This place sells abalone, sharks fin, scallop, Buddha Jump Over the Wall etc. all at factory prices and it's definitely authentic.

Braised Shark's Fin In Claypot + Bean Sprout + Rice + Dessert.
It costs around $5.90 or so, i can't remember exactly how much.
and i really love it lots!!!

Baby Abalone in Sauce + Vegetable + Rice + Dessert
costs around $7.90

There's another dish which is very nice, that is the toufu with broccoli.
i alwayz crave for this very often.

For more info, pls visit their website at



They arrived some time ago from Hokkaido.
I ordered the 24 pieces mix of white and black chocolate.

The white chocolate is white chocolate and the black one is actually milk chocolate.

Beautifully wrapped and packaged.
Even the paper bag that comes with it is so nice.

The inside of it looks like this.

I prefer the black (Milk chocolate) ones.
The white ones are nice too but a little too sweet for me.
and Shiroi Koibito is seriously nice, the outside has a slight crunch but when its in the mouth, it melts.

I want more!!!

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