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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Food Reviews!!!

i love eating and have been exploring all kinds of food lately


Basil Alcove is located at Middle Road, Fortune Centre, it's really small. i visited this place because of all the raves online but my friends were rather disappointed with the food's quality and taste.

Mixed Mushrooms- around $15
Many kinds of mushrooms you can find here, but sadly, the mushrooms doesn't seem to absorb the flavour from the sauce it is served with, making them very plain and tasteless though we're all mushroom lovers.

Chicken breast with mashed potatoes and spinach - $10
The chicken was ok to me, it's very much like the one that i always eat at TP's school of Business canteen when i was still schooling there. (but that one costs only around $3 i think)
I love the spinach though, it's cheesy!

Cod Fish!

The cod fish is one generous slice and rather fresh.
I kinda liked it, the meat is very tender and the skin a little crispy.

Pan-fried duck breast done in medium- around $19
This was the most disappointing dish, the duck is really tough and we all had difficulty chewing it.
It looks like it's overdone more than medium.


Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

I decided to try this yesterday as i was really famished and i could gorge down a cow!

Japanese buffet at Miramar hotel, price is around $33++ per pax.
They have a wide variety and i wish to try everything, but my stomach has not enough space to store so much food :(

this is complimentary, raw salmon with sweet sauce, i don't really fancy the sweet sauce.

Salad sticks!
we really love this lots, we had 2 servings of this.
raw, crunchy and cold cucumbers, carrots and celeries dipped in japanese bean sauce.
I feel like a rabbit.

hiyashi ramen, cold ramen salad.
i love japanese chilled noodles especially zaru soba/somen and they have this too!

Toufu Salad- i super love this!!
The toufu is cold, veggie are crunchy and fresh and the sauce they use is superb, it's a little sourish due to vinegar i believe.

California Maki

Our all time favourite- sashimi!
They have many kinds like my favourite salmon, maguro, swordfish, tai, octopus.
Most importantly, they came fresh :)


Grilled Saba Fish (mackerel)

Mixed vegetable salad.

Japanese Oden (yong tau foo)
i never quite liked this so i didn't try any of the ingredients except for the soup. But Bing loves this.

another complimentary dish- Paper Steamboat.
It has salmon, toufu and veggie inside.
I love paper steamboat, it gives me visual excitement and i feel very happy just by looking at it :D

Bacon wraps- crab meat and tomato.
This looks really cute and tastes good!!!
Good ideas for BBQ session next time.

Japanese Porridge- even though my stomach was on the verge of exploding, i die-die also must try this!
I remembered having instant Japanese porridge in Japan that came in rectangular packets, you just have to heat it up and it's edible, it's really tasty with bits of salmon inside, i thought this may be something like the instant one i had.

but, it's not, it's covered with eggs and it's very watery, its not bad actually but i'm really too full to finish it all. (it came in a big pot!)

I came out ot Ikoi's feeling very happy and stuffed!
(it's been long since i've been this happy after trying something new, because lots of new eateries i tried recently were disappointing)

Jessie's Birthday

On jessica's birthday, i decided to try out my new dark green contact lens.

Like father like daughter, both have good and strong vocals.
And don't you think they have the same kind of smile?

The L-family (laughing family)
they are either always laughing, or always making people laugh.

MY family!

Michelle's Birthday

Birthday girl and me!

Suite room in Naomi Hotel (not sure if the spelling is right)

Me and very noisy friend

and lastly............

there are only 3 people staying in this house, but why does it look like there're 10 people staying here???

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