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Saturday, November 07, 2009

JAPAN 2009- Day 7 (Tokyo)

KFC @Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro JR Station, we took the Yamanote line, destination Harakuju!
my ultimate favourite shopping destination in Tokyo :)

Harajuku- Takeshita Dori shopping street, crowded as always.
I love this street, during my last trip to Tokyo in 2007, i came here for 5 consecutive days.
This is the street where you can find trendy, chic fashion at reasonable prices (think our local far east plaza prices).
Besides clothes, you can find very cheap bling bling accessories for 300 yen (PARIS KIDS).
You can also find perfume shops, i tend to go gaga over perfumes sold in Japan, they have plenty of brands that comes in pretty bottles and i cannot find them here in Singapore and they smell very good.
This time, i brought back 3 perfumes.

saw an extremely tall guy

Lunch at Lotte- a fast food chain which i think originated from Korea.

tastes pretty normal to me, i still prefer my mushroom swiss burger from BK!

Yummy crepes, if you have a sweet tooth, you can eat this everyday cuz that's what we did in Tokyo!

Apparently, this crepe stall seems quite popular.

and directly opposite Marion Crepes is Angels Heart which also seems very popular due to the long queues.

our crepes

we ate 3 crepes in a row cuz they were really yummy.

Giant Takopachi

dinner time- we met up with some Japanese friends for dinner.

Very fresh Sashimi

big juicy scallops

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