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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Soi Thai Kitchen

Last week, I was craving badly for Thai food and decided that I just had to try one of the newly established Thai eateries near my place. 

I was contemplating between 3 Thai eateries, one at the basement of tampines mall and 2 others namely Bangruk Thai kitchen and Soi Thai kitchen located 2 shops away from each other at tampines st 81. 

Finally decided on Soi Thai. 

We decided on these dishes, couldn't order a lot although I wished to cuz there was only the 2 of us. 

Creamy tomyum seafood soup. 
I liked how spicy this was but after a few more spoonfuls of this, both of us found it a tad too salty. However we both loved how fresh and springy the prawns were. 

Ordered this for myself. I'm a very big fan of stir fried basil leaves with either pork, beef or chicken and this time I chose te one with pork. I was slightly disappointed because it was quite salty too. 

Claypot prawn vermicelli. 
Again, this was very salty until my friend had to ask the staff to add some water to reduce the saltiness. Prawns again, were very fresh. 

To sum up the whole experience, we were both very thirsty especially right after the meal due to too much salt intake apparently. They had many other dishes which looks very appetizing in the menus and I would very much love to come back here again as I really love Thai food and this is so near my place. I hope to see improvement and more positive reviews so that I can come back again. 

Next shall try Bangrak next door. 

For now, we will be flying off to Bangkok in a few hours for authentic Thai food, can hardly wait!!

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